Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 13: The Sh*t Dickens Family

Christina felt a little down for some reason.

When she woke up the next day, she completely forgot about playing Mahjong.

Her mind was ina whirl and she didn't get up until 10 o'clock.

"Where's Patrick?"

She woke up and found no sign of him.

As soon as she came out of the hotel suite, she bumped into Charles.

Charles hated her for what she had done to him last night and said coldly, "Go back to the Dickens Family yourself.He won't go with you:"

"Patrick has gone to the cemetery.Today is the anniversary of Cecilia's death..."

Patrick was going to accompany her back to the Dickens Family, but now he went to pay his respects to his dead ex- girlfriend.

He must love that woman very much.

The storm in the C City finally stopped, but she hesitated in the lobby of the hotel.

She didn't want to go back to the Dickens Family...


All of a sudden, a familiar voice came from the hotel gate.

There was excitement in that old voice.

Christina's face flashed with disbelief and she quickly walked over, "Grandma."

Her voice suddenly choked up.

"Christina, it's really you.You're really back! Where have you been? You haven't come back to see us for so many years.Do you know how worried grandma is about you?"

Mrs.Dickens's eyes were glistening with tears, and her tone was concerned and helpless.

Christina's heart ached as she listened, and she hugged the old madam in front of her.

Christina didn't expect her grandmother to come to the hotel to pick her up personally.

She hadn't seen her grandmother for six years.

She felt guilty and torn.

"The old master of the Hopkins Family in the A City called us a few days ago."

Mrs.Dickens's face lit up and she took Christina's hand and sat in the car, "Grandma has watched you grow up since you were a child.If I don't come to pick you up personally today, you will sneak away.Since you're back, don't run around anymore.’

 "By the way, where's the young master from the Hopkins Family?"

The old madam looked around excitedly.

Christina got in the car with the old madam.

There was a complicated expression on her face, "He has something important to do today."

"That's right.The children of the Hopkins Family must have a lot of important things to do,"

the old woman said with an excited smile, "Christina, I heard that you two have already got marriage licenses.It's great that you can marry into the Hopkins Family.Grandma is happy for you."

Hearing this, Christina froze for a moment.

She felt her grandmother had an ulterior motive for picking her up.

The car drove smoothly towards the Dickens Family.

Along the way, Mrs.Dickens excitedly asked her a lot about the Hopkins Family but did not ask her how she had been all these years.

Christina felt very bad.

As soon as they reached the gate of the Dickens Family, she heard an excited conversation coming from inside the house.

lost so much weight.Mom said that there would be a distinguished guest today.It's actually you.Why don't

is my brother-in-law? We bring a vintage red wine for him to

have to do this.We're

house was filled

froze at the

fists when she

this moment, she just wanted to turn around


to have guessed that she wanted to escape, so she immediately took Christina's hand and dragged her in, "Carrie is

back, Old

The servant greeted her.

footsteps were heard in

door with a fawning face, "Granny, I haven't seen

the old madam, the smile froze on her

was more shocked than Carrie,

was her bastard ex,

at her in disbelief, "Christina,

sneered at Cory's

know each other?" Mrs.Dickens was the

gritted her

to have

Mrs.Dickens was holding Christina's hands, he suddenly understood

a complicated and awkward

noticed that Cory looked at Christina with a strange expression, while

willing to come back.I apologize for what happened before.It's my fault.I've been really guilty all these years.I can do anything you want me to do.Don't be angry with

softly with a concerned expression on

fact, she was accusing Christina of not going back to the Dickens Family all

Such an evil stepmother.

Christina remember those

was in a

all day long and

living room and offered her fruit and

and chatted with the

and sweetly

girl.This is

introduced Jasmine with

with a

living room, and she saw Carrie touched the child's

family of three was very

grown up.You two

leaned her head on Cory's shoulder and looked shy, but the latter

Christina's face was gloomy.

and didn't want

noticed that something was wrong with Christina, so she asked curiously, "Christina, Cory is a relative of the Hopkins

used to be..." a

going to the bathroom.’ Christina seemed to be unable to stand the oppressive air

away before the old madam said


backyard of

and took

the Dickens Family and wished

around with

and plants here had already been

"Are you Donald's daughter?"

behind her, and his

Christina was Donald's daughter.

of the Dickens Family, the richest family in

was that possible? She used to live in

ignored him and didn't

her with a burning gaze,

He questioned.

ridiculous, "We were married for three years, and I have no idea you don’t know that.Cory, now that you know it, so what? You're very grateful to Carrie's brother-in-law for helping you.Then you should hurry up and please her brother-in-law.Anyway, I'm a poor girl living in a broken apartment and I have nothing to

purpose!" Cory

"On purpose?"

away and burst

who hooked up with my stepmother's younger sister.Who on earth does it on purpose? Cory, you are

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