Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 14: You Look Ugly When You Cry 


After leaving the Dickens Family, she did not return to the hotel and was nowhere to be found.

"What the hell is Christina doing? She's not picking up her cell phone.Is she doing this on purpose?"

Charles, who was also looking for her, complained.

Patrick looked at the sun slowly setting in the west.

Emotions were restrained on his cold face and he was a little agitated.


Chandler hurriedly parked in front of the hotel and said to him, sticking his head out of the window, "We found her.She's in the cemetery..."


 As soon as Patrick and others arrived at the cemetery, they recognized the woman squatting in front of the stone tablet in the west cemetery area.

It was Christina.

Patrick's face was complicated as he stumped towards her.

"Christina! Can you stop?!"

He stood by her side and said coldly to her with anger, "Are you deliberately making others worried and trying to satisfy your vanity by making everyone frantically look for you? Christina, don't play the game of hide-and-seek anymore.If something happens to the child, you can't afford it."

"I know! I know! I'm just a tool for you to have children!"

She suddenly raised her head and shouted excitedly with a resentful look.

Patrick looked into her red eyes, frowning.

He glanced at the tombstone in front of her.

The name Mary was engraved on it, which was her mother's grave.

As the sun began to set in the west, the day darkened.

They looked at each other in silence.

In this gloomy cemetery, it seemed a little strange...

For a long time, Patrick said coldly, "Go back"

His voice sounded much calmer than before.

Without responding to him, Christina still squatted in front of the tombstone and refused to leave.

Patrick lowered his eyes and looked at her thin body.

He was a little annoyed and yelled, "Christina, what the hell is wrong with you? Don't be so childish.I have no patience with women!"

"Come back with me!" he repeated.

"Leave me alone."

With her head down, she stared at the black-and-white picture of her mother on the tombstone, trying to fight back tears in her eyes.

Patrick was furious and said, "Your mother has been dead for six years.Don't be so dramatic.I don't have that much time for you.Come back with me now!"

Patrick, who really didn't have much patience with women, bent down and pulled her up.

Christina, however, with red eyes, held her mother's tombstone tightly and refused to let it go for no reason.

"No! No!"

are the spoiled daughter of one of the richest families in C City, and your mother is the daughter of the Eisenhowers, a powerful military, and political family.Even if your mother died of illness, Donald married another woman, you still lead a happier life than many people.Stop being sad.You have no reason

you don't know

words and she shouted at him excitedly, Her eyes were red as she recalled the Dickens

piled up in her heart made her

the corner of

dead mother made

were poor students in the mountains.My mother supported them by giving them money so that they could go to

she raised her head and looked straight at Patrick,

home when she was only 20.He said he

just a poor boy back then.He was appreciated and nurtured by my grandfather.That is why he has gotten the wealth and power he possesses

And then...

of fear.She accidentally pushed Connie and she fell down and had a miscarriage as a result.My

the end,

mother died.She killed herself in

was unable to control her

had been telling herself to be patient

City with her aunt, Betty,

that her aunt would worry about her, she kept

these years of suffering in the Hampton Family and the Dickens Family, but

the cold tombstone, tears rolling down

his eyes on her, a trace of bewilderment flashing

She cried, loudly.

the Dickens Family, about her mother's suicide, she had always been afraid to recall as she even felt that it

suicide in prison, but he still

father, who insisted on marrying Connie so soon

junior high school, she left with

to me? He cheated on me.He was with Carrie.Why Connie's sister? They were like ghosts, haunting

her face was

slid down her cheeks as she looked helplessly at the sky with


do this to me…’’ She turned to look at Patrick in

working hard.No matter

helplessly, "What did I do wrong? Tell me what I did wrong.Why did they do

Christina gradually stopped crying.

herself.She did not want to talk about her private affairs with

to the Dickens Family today and saw Donald and the two sisters, she was filled with hatred! In this desolate cemetery, her

thin back and tightened his right

say.He never knew how to comfort people,

"Don't cry."

managed to say

and it didn't


lips, feeling that he

tears and sobbed, building a wall

look ugly when you cry,’’ Patrick said

his words, Christina immediately raised her head and glared

back.Do you want to spend the night in this

her glare and urged

it was dark, Christina lowered her head with a

patient person, turned around and was about to

have you had enough? You're not going back, are you? You can stay here

legs are numb!" She

Christina was embarrassed

squatting for too

and turned

a moment, he


as the man squatted down and pulled up her

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