Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 15: Don't Touch Me 

Christina returned to her previous high school.

Today was the centennial celebration of the school, so it was very lively.

She was so excited that she grabbed Patrick's arm and told him about the past.

"Here, I used to climb up trees here.Sometimes when I came back late, I climbed up trees and climbed over walls, but more often to avoid people."

Patrick looked down at her face flushed with excitement and gave a smile, letting her keep talking.

"Who are you hiding from? Too many pursuers?" Charles followed and teased her.

Christina was not shy at all and nodded.

"Yes, and it's very distressing.’’ Charles rolled his eyes immediately.

"Why are you so shameless?"

It was rare for Christina not to refute him, but to recall seriously, "I used to be shy.When my mother passed away at that time, I fell out with my family.I didn’t want to use the money from the Dickens Family, so I went to work part-time.At first, I didn't know anything.I was scolded and blamed all day long.In order not to starve, I had to be shameless!"

When Patrick heard her say that, his eyes were filled with emotion.

Christina looked up at the old locust tree across from the school, her thoughts drifting away...

Ever since her mother committed suicide when she was 17, she had become very sensitive.

She broke up with the Dickens Family and had a hard time after that.

Her auntie, Betty, was in poor health, and all the money from the school scholarship was given to her auntie by her.

She was always trying to be brave.

In fact, she only had more than a hundred dollars left for the whole semester.

Sometimes she was hungry for a few days and had nothing to eat.

One time, she couldn't help but eat in a restaurant and ran out in a mess without money to pay the bill.

The people chased after her.

Ever since she was a child, the Dickens Family had doted on her.

So when she was scolded for this, she felt terrible.

She did that because she was too starved.

She was so scared that she heard the cursing and chasing footsteps around her.

She immediately climbed onto an old locust tree on a remote path, curled up, and hid among the leaves, holding her breath nervously.

She did not know how long it had been.

Until sunset, she saw the dim view of the old street from the leaves, and then carefully poked her head out to look.

However, just as she jumped down, a man suddenly appeared on her right side.

She threw herself at him like this.

The man was walking casually with headphones on.

She suddenly fell down and tumbled him down on the ground.

Instead of scolding her, he looked astonished.

She didn't dare to look at the man’s face.

She thought he should be very angry.

She immediately got up from him, not apologizing, but with a fierce face, complained and shouted at him, "Be careful! Don't get on my way..."

She did not know why she got angry, perhaps because this man was wearing expensive clothes, which made her very unhappy.

She used to be a pampered lady of the upper class.

However, she was still afraid of death.

After scolding the man, she immediately ran away with guilt.

Christina recalled that she seemed too arrogant at the time.

Fortunately, that man did not seek revenge on her.

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