Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 23: His Dead Ex Is Back 

By daybreak, the next day, all three fires from last night had been burned out...

The rain had stopped.

Christina ate the steamed buns.

After thanking the enthusiastic couple, they wanted to rush back.

Because today was New Year's eve, everyone wanted to go home and reunite.

Christina took a peek at Patrick.

They had planned to go back to A City the day before yesterday to spend the New Year with Mr.Hopkins.

They didn't expect this to happen.

It seemed that they had to hurry back.

The Old Man had a bad temper.

But just as Christina was about to leave with them, Leo stopped her and said, "I think you had better stay here with us.’ "The torrential rain last night caused a mudslide that buried many farmlands and houses nearby.The surrounding residences were destroyed, making it harder to get through the mountain roads..."

Charles said with a rare seriousness, "Christina should stay.Now the hillsides will collapse at any time.The flood hasn't completely subsided.We'll send someone to pick her up when we get back..."

After all, Christina was pregnant, she couldn't exert herself too much since she was still weak.

The few of them looked at each other for a moment in silence, and then they all looked at Patrick.

Patrick took a look at Christina and suddenly strode to her.

Without saying anything, he held her hand and led her straight out the door.

"She's with me."

Charles and the others looked at each other, from Patrick's cold profile, knowing that his decision would not change.

"Then we are leaving now.Thank you so much for taking us in last night.’ Charles and the others then followed them.

"Patrick, I think it would be better for Christina to stay for another night."

Charles and the others plodded upward, winding their way back and forth across the face of the mountain with great difficulty.

They also had to pay careful attention to the surrounding mountains.

Patrick tightened his grip on her wrist as if he didn't care about Charles's words.

He looked around vigilantly and led her forward step by step.

"She's with me." He repeated again.

Patrick's deep eyes fell on the woman's face beside him...

Only by keeping her by his side would he be relieved.

Christina didn't know what he was thinking.

He held her too tight as her wrist hurt.

She looked up at him and said, "I, I can actually..."

"Christina, don't even think about it!"

Patrick said in a calm voice and immediately refuted.

Christina was depressed.

'Why is he so cold? I didn't even finish my words.”

After walking for about half an hour, a shallow river three meters wide appeared in front of them.

Originally, this river did not exist.

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that she was not at all at ease as she kept struggling, and he angrily reminded her, "Do you forget the injury on your


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firm grip on her legs and walked every step carefully as if he was afraid

take everything seriously: She looked at him with her eyes

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his eyes and noticed that she was a

her head away as if she had done something

her eyes widened as if she were extremely nervous, and

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froze, and

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Patrick's surprised

"Christina, not here..."

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strange expressions and pulled out the belt

a word, she quickly whipped down a fruit

the others saw clearly, they noticed that there were many green bamboo venomous

a meter or so, Christina hit its tender spot

"Put me down!"

crossed the shallow

and ran

picked up a big rock and threw it directly

snake was completely dead, she put her arms around

this moment, the men behind Christina were all dumbfounded, and even Patrick's eyebrows raised slightly in surprise.Most women were

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belt and protect him bravely.You deserve to be a

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and shouted at them angrily, "Charles, if you dare

that a man should marry a compliant and gentle wife.Women that are cute and coquette are most lovable.Christina,

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was useless to pretend

She was always alone.


rubbed her head with his hand when

raised her head and looked into his joyful

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disarray due to the heavy rain, the few of them were talking and

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our baby in the

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eyes were alight with joy and


heard his promise, she became more and more

if the baby were a little boy,

"There is a signal!"

her suddenly shouted

was very excited because they didn't need to wind around the mountain if they can make a call to ask


his phone very

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