Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 24: Cancel the Wedding 

"They are as like as two peas."

The people behind were surprised as they looked at Christina and Cecilia, who suddenly appeared.

"Christina, do you have a twin sister?"

Even Charles approached her and asked curiously.

Christina ignored him but just glanced at Patrick.

She heard others’ exclamations.

Suddenly, she felt a loss.

She was just like a poor imitation.

Because the man and woman who had finally reunited were hugging each other affectionately.

She never knew that aman as cold as Patrick could stare at a woman so gently.

The thin woman in Patrick's arms seemed to notice Christina's gaze, and she looked up at her with moist eyes.

Cecilia was shocked at how similar they looked with just a glance.

Christina's face was still stiff, and she didn't know what expression should she put on.

All of a sudden, the woman opposite her suddenly closed her eyes and blacked out.

"Cecilia..." Patrick shook her, looking anxious.

"Cecilia is very weak,"

Chandler ran over after another helicopter landed.

He urged Patrick, "Send Cecilia back to the hospital immediately.The doctor didn't allow her to leave, but she insisted on coming to you.’ 

After hearing what Chandler said, Patrick quickly carried her towards the helicopter.

The attendants immediately opened the door.

Patrick carefully placed the pale and weak woman in his arms in the seat.

Christina stood behind him and stared at him steadily.

The helicopter immediately flew towards the hospital.

Christina watched the helicopter take off, her right hand slightly clenched...

She lowered her head and felt at a loss.

‘He forgot me..” 

‘He carried the woman he loved the most and left in a hurry: And left me behind’ 

‘He just said that he was going to take me out of here with him.But he had forgotten it so quickly.’ She looked at her left palm in a daze.

She still remembered his grip.

"No wonder he treated me so well.It turns out that the so- called concern does not belong to me from the beginning.’ She thought.

She seemed to have suddenly figured something out.

She smiled bitterly.

'What am I thinking about? I've been hurt by Cory.I won't be stupid anymore” 

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"Let's go."

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"Hey, Charles, that woman..."

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