Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 26: You Can't Spoil Her 

"This year, I actually spend the first day of the New Year here..." It was already late at night.

Christina was depressed all day and couldn't sleep at night, so she ran to the back garden to enjoy the scenery.

Looking at the expensive flowers and exquisite cloisters in the garden, she felt that everything was illusory.

She never thought that she could live in such a magnificent place.

"No wonder those women are looking at Patrick like they're looking at a treasure..."

After all, marrying into the Hopkins Family was really something to brag about.

A gust of night wind blew, and Christina cringed and rubbed her hands.It was cold.

"What are you doing standing here?"

Suddenly, a deep voice sounded behind her.

As soon as Christina heard this voice, she immediately became alert.

She turned around and watched Patrick stride towards her.

For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

‘‘What did he come back for? Didn't he stay in the hospital with Miss Jones?’’ It was quiet all around.

The moon was dim tonight, and only the orange streetlights in the garden shone.

Patrick saw her cheeks reddened by the cold wind.

"What are you doing standing here in the middle of the night?"

For some reason, his voice became a little anxious.

She wanted to retort, "Can't I just walk around the garden?" but she didn't dare.

"Go back to bed after 10 pm!"

Patrick seemed to be able to read her mind and ordered her coldly.


She yelled out angrily, Christina thought, 'He is so gentle with Miss Jones, but as soon as he came back, he was mean to me”

Patrick's eyes became deeper and more complicated as he stepped forward, his voice somehow filled with anger.

"Do you think it's suitable for a pregnant woman to fool around?"

"I didn't..."

She was about to retort but she remembered that she had actually gone out earlier.

Patrick looked down at her palms turning red from the cold, and he looked more impatient.

Without saying anything, he reached out and dragged her straight into the house.

Sure enough, her hands were cold.

Christina was disgruntled when he suddenly tugged, almost dragged, "Let Me go.I'll walk myself..."

Patrick heard the noise behind her and became mad.

He took her into the house and immediately let her go.

"Go back to the bedroom!"

His voice sounded impatient.Christina looked at his cold face and felt even more displeased.

"No!" She puffed up her face and replied.

"You!" Patrick was so angry that his face turned red.

"Christina, what did you beg me for last time? You said you would reflect on how to be a mother.You're pregnant and you go out into the night air.Do you have any common sense?"

Christina pursed her lips and did not dare to refute anymore.

She lowered her head and looked a little ashamed.

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something she could eat and casually fill her stomach while everyone was asleep, but Patrick actually cooked noodles for her! Christina was a little

"Can you cook?"


Christina can't.

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"Patrick, you're so awesome!"

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