Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 27: I Like You Very Much 

"You allow a pregnant woman to eat crabs, do you have any common sense?"

This sentence sounded familiar.

Christina buried her head in the quilt guiltily.

Last night, Patrick was still blaming her for not having any common sense, but now...

Now it was Patrick who was blamed.

Christina suddenly had a fever at four in the morning and called a doctor.

Since Mr.Hopkins had always been an early riser, it was hard to hide what happened to him.

The old man came over angrily with his crutch and scolded.

"Grandpa, it's actually me..."

It was me who wanted to eat crabs.

Christina popped out of her head and was about to admit her fault, but Mr.Hopkins was in a bad mood and looked at her with a gloomy look.

Therefore, Christina immediately became timid and stopped speaking.

Patrick was yelled at by his grandfather and did not refute, but he didn't look good.

He glanced at Christina meaningfully.

"From now on, You two should go to the parenting center every Sunday and learn how to be parents." Mr.Hopkins's face was especially grim.

He ordered seriously.

Christina didn't care.

She had nothing to do anyway, but Patrick was busy with work...

Seeing his grandfather go downstairs, Christina turned to look at Patrick.

As expected, he was not very happy.


He looked into her guilty eyes, muttered her name, and warned angrily, "You better behave yourself!"

She did not dare to refute, because he had taken the blame for her.

Patrick left with a darkened face, leaving Christina in bed.

Nanny Faang brought her breakfast, not forgetting to remind her.

"The young master has said that you must return to your bedroom before 10: 00 pm this evening and call him in advance before going out..."

Halfway through, Nanny Faang suddenly laughed again.

"By the way, Old Master let me ask you about Patrick's cooking skills." Christina was a little surprised.

‘‘Hadn't he tried anything cooked by Patrick?’’ In fact, Mr.Hopkins said before, "It must taste awful!"

Yes, he had never tried Patrick's cooking skills.

Mr.Hopkins was rather displeased.

He glared at the doctor with a stern and cold gaze.

"What else does he hide from me?"

The doctor felt innocent, so he just said.

"It is not suitable for Young Madam to get too tired now...’

"He thought that I know nothing about the video of Christina?"

Mr.Hopkins's face became even grimmer and he gritted his teeth.

"He made her supper in the middle of the night!"

Why didn't he cook me a bowl of noodles? Mr.Hopkins was upset for several days because he didn't eat a bowl of noodles cooked by his grandson.

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