Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 29: Actually, I do care...

"In the early stages of pregnancy, some foods are inedible, such as soft-shelled turtle, aloe vera, crab, and bitter gourd...

These foods can cause UC or miscarriage.

You must be careful.

There are also some tonics, including ginseng and cordyceps, which should not be abused without the doctor's permission...’ Today was Sunday.

Patrick and Christina were ordered to attend the parent-to-be class by Mr.Hopkins.

When they heard that they couldn't eat carbs anymore, their expressions were somewhat complicated.

"Keep it in your mind!"

Patrick said to the woman beside him in a deep voice.

Christina knew it was her bad last time, but she complained, "You were the one who made that soft-shelled crab for me that day."

Patrick was also at fault.

Patrick's face turned annoyed when he heard Christina's complaint.

"Folic acid should be added in the first three months of pregnancy.If you need a vitamin supplement, you can take a multivitamin or powdered milk after asking for the doctor's advice, but don't take both at the same time to avoid excessive vitamins supplement which will affect the baby..."

The teacher on the stage continued to teach these prospective parents.

Sitting upright, Christina turned on the recording of her cell phone and listened while taking notes.

Patrick looked sideways at her seriousness and thought that he had blamed her for not taking her baby seriously.

The lecturer on the stage continued to talk, "The temperature of the bath for expectant mothers during pregnancy should not be too hot, which should be below 40 degrees.It is best to take a shower not a bath.Don't lift heavy objects, and don't sit up at once when you wake up..."

Patrick's grim face was indifferent, but these precautions were all in mind.

Suddenly, one of the women burst into tears.

"I don't want this child anymore..."

Christina and the others immediately turned their heads to look at the woman, their gossipy eyes fixed on her husband.

"Patrick, do you think that bastard cheated on his wife?"

Christina lowered her voice and speculated.

Patrick ignored her and saw that the crying woman's face turned slightly purple, her lips pale and weak, and she looked sick.

The next second, the woman bent down and vomited.

"Lili, how are you?"

Her husband looked distressed and comforted her.

"Don't touch me!"

The pregnant woman was very angry, crying and yelling.

"I'm nine weeks pregnant, and I basically vomit whatever I eat.Now I have a slice of ginger in my mouth every day.I even vomit when I smell it.It makes my stomach ache..."

The lecturer and others came forward to comfort her, "It's normal to vomit during the pregnancy.'' The pregnant woman cried with the grievance.

"But I've lost ten pounds since I was pregnant, and they're all looking forward to the birth of the baby.What about me? I feel so miserable and tortured every day.I even spit out blood, and they even accused me of being too dramatic..."

Christina heard her complain and recalled that she was also about nine weeks pregnant.

Patrick subconsciously stroked her head.

Christina looked up at the man beside her.

His face was solemn and he looked at her thoughtfully.

He said in a deep voice, "It's a good thing you've been through alot and could bear it."

"I want to drink.I want to be drunk.I don't want to get pregnant.I don't want to have children..."

The crying pregnant woman was finally helped out.

Patrick looked at the woman who was in pain, turned to look at the lively woman beside him, and put his right hand around her waist, feeling her still flat abdomen.

"Christina, one baby is enough."

He almost held her in his arms.

Christina leaned against his chest.

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dare to want more babies? Of course,

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face was solemn and he looked

in a deep voice, "It's a good thing you've been through alot and could bear

want to drink.I want to be drunk.I don't want to get pregnant.I don't want to have

crying pregnant woman

to look at the lively woman beside him, and put his right hand around her waist, feeling her


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lecturer showed them some pictures of

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Patrick heard her say that, he let out a sigh

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was full of pride

beautiful.Of course, it's mainly inherited from me.It's hard for him to be ugly since his mother is

looked at her

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so good.Whoever the baby inherits, it must

moment, a strange voice

It was the lecturer.

right outside a glass door

group of people heard

she turned around

you tell me there is someone at the

Patrick did not explain.

little woman and combed her long hair affectionately,

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outside the glass door looked straight at

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at the man above her

Patrick seemed really happy.

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was born with a noble and cool

get close to him, it was undeniable that his cold aura always gave people a sense of security, as if there was nothing to be afraid of when being

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