Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 28: Mad from Being Jealous 

"Miss Jones, Universe Studios has already confirmed that you will be the heroine of their first play of the new year.This is a remake of the blockbuster last year.After rounds of selection, you got the role as soon as you made a comeback.How do you feel?"

Christina was sitting in front of the small sofa of her bedroom, watching the entertainment gossip.

The news about Cecilia's return to the entertainment industry was being broadcast.

"Miss Jones, since you debuted six years ago, you have been playing important leading roles.There are also rumors that you refuse to accept ordinary plays.Everyone has been very curious about your emotional life.Can you reveal the identity of the man a little bit?"

"Miss Jones, did you marry into a rich family when you suddenly disappeared three years ago? Did you come back because he tolerates your interest?"

Cecilia smiled but didn't answer.

She was dressed in a light yellow suit jacket and a long chiffon dress, looking fashionable and elegant.

When she was asked about her affair, her face flushed slightly and she looked happy and shy.

"Patrick is so good to her.’’ Christina looked at the face on the TV that was almost eighty percent like herself.

She suddenly felt a little depressed.

Christina never paid attention to entertainment news, but recently she took an interest in Miss Jones.

She didn't know if she was too bored or...concerned.

She suddenly wanted to know more about Cecilia.

Theoretically speaking, Cecilia was also her rival in love...


Christina picked up the phone and called Charles.

She did not dare to ask Patrick directly, but Charles was different.

She felt that Charles was much easier to get along with than Patrick.

Charles was a little surprised when she called.

He thought for a moment before answering, "Christina, what's the matter? Have you been bothered by the recent news? Are you jealous?"

He gloated in an unserious tone.

When Christina heard the word’ jealous, her face darkened.

She raised her voice and retorted, "I'm not jealous.I just want to know if I really have a half-sister."

Speaking of this, Charles once doubted, "Don't think too much.Cecilia is not related to you at all"

"Cecilia has been an orphan since she was a child.She was adopted by an old couple in Canada when she was a baby.After she grew up, she went to a university in the United States.Patrick met her in New York six years ago...’’ Christina looked a little awkward.

She also knew that Miss Jones was unlikely to be her biological sister.

She just wanted to know more about her rival in love.

Then she suddenly thought of something that she didn't understand.

"Charles, last time in C City, did you say that Patrick went to pray at her tomb?"

"You thought she was dead and buried her in C City? Is Cecilia's ancestral home in C City?"

Christina's ancestral home was exactly in C City.

Speaking of this, Charles looked strange and his voice was low.

"I don't know about her ancestral home, but...Cecilia talked a lot about the high school in C City with Patrick..."

you said that Patrick was back in C City for half a year

seemed a little excited when

school in front of Patrick.He doesn't like it to be

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in C City six years ago, he was hiding something, which seemed

and bodies, well...Christina, you are so violent.Cecilia is such a

didn't bother him anymore.She just felt a little uncomfortable at

came back, Charles treated her well.He was nicer to her than to

but, "Cecilia's character is not suitable for that play.Patrick is obviously

had been busy lately, and she guessed that he was busy with his career

this time Cecilia took the role of

took the role that

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importance to this TV play.Last year, they had already started to choose roles.Cecilia's temperament is not suitable to be the female lead at all.You actually interfered in the

was top-notch,

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Cory, Patrick, who was sitting at his desk,

your funds if you

continued to hold the pen

even raise his


this isn't just about

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hand paused and

"So what?"

and Christina are legally husband and wife.You are doing this openly to curry favor with your mistress and go against

didn't pay much

his head and

always been afraid of his cousin

Cory was displeased

careful about his wording, "Brother, I know you're using Christina as a substitute for Cecilia.But

looked at him and his

today to remind me not to hurt Christina.You seem to

married to Christina for three years.I know her personality.She can't give in to being anyone's

you regretful? Do you miss your

his anger, and looked

forget that she's your sister-in-law now! A good horse will never turn round

impossible in the beginning...So

by word,

"Get out!"

stood up from his chair and gave a

Cory was stunned.

expect Patrick to

had been irritated

had complex emotions with his eyes

and slammed the vase


words echoed

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had been together for three years, but he had waited

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"Two months later?"

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