Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 31: Jealous 

After breakfast, Christina went back to her bedroom and held her cell phone to browse the gossips about Cecilia......

"Patrick must have had a crazy night with her last night..."

As Christina browsed Twitter, she complained with a complicated expression on her face.

Even she didn't know why she cared so much...It was as if she was jealous.

‘Jealous?’ Christina was shocked at the thought.

"How can I be jealous? Patrick had made it clear to me that it was just a deal..."

Just as she was thinking, suddenly, her phone vibrated and she received a message to add friends on her WhatsApp.

"Who is this?"

Christina frowned and looked at the screen of her cell phone.

Auser nicknamed "Brother Charlie" had just sent a request to add her to his friends.

‘Such a narcissist’ Christina was speechless and ignored the request.

The other party might have thought that Christina would not pass his request and immediately sent a temporary conversation, "I'm Charles."

"Charles, your nickname sounds like a pervert's."

Christina agreed to add him to her friends and she immediately teased him.

Brother Charlie: "My nickname is better than yours.Invincible Tina? Lol, your nickname is an old head, girl.’ Invincible Tina”

"Charles, this is why you want to add me to your friends? Quarreling?"

Christina felt that there was nothing wrong with his WhatsApp nickname.

It was simple and easy to remember.

What was more important was that it made one feel that she was daunting.

Looking at the nickname of Charles on WhatsApp, she suddenly remembered that Charles had reminded her to stop flattering herself as Patrick couldn't possibly like her.

She was just a substitute for Cecilia......

The more Christina thought about it, the more depressed she became.

Invincible Tina: "Charles, I'm busy.Don't look for me if you have nothing to do.Never look for me if you have anything to do."

She replied quickly and wanted to log out of WhatsApp.

Brother Charlie: "Wait, Christina, I'm looking for you for something serious!"

Christina hesitated to see what this unreliable Mr.Shepherd would say.

Brother Charlie: "Patrick has been rather busy lately.He may not have time to accompany you.Well, you know that Cecilia is his true wife, so..."

Invincible Tina: "I told you, I know, Why are you so annoying? I don't like Patrick.I know I don't have the right to think about that.I won't forcibly take this position.’ 

Christina roared angrily as if she had been provoked.

She sent him a voice message.

Charles raised his eyebrows and could feel the fury of that woman through the phone screen.

‘This woman lives with Patrick all day long.How could she not have any feelings towards him...Jesus!’ Brother Charlie”

 "Hey, Christina, don't be angry.I won't talk about that.Actually, Patrick has been busy recently, so he doesn't have time to accompany you.He asked me to take some time to send you to visit your aunt."

Christina looked at the message Charles had just sent and thought for a while.

Patrick was busy staying with his Miss Jones and probably wouldn't accompany her anymore.

She was editing the message and was about to reply and agree to go out together.

At this moment, the maid knocked on the door.

"Ma'am, the Old Master wants you to go to the main hall of the mansion.People from the Dickens Family are here..." Christina looked up at the door.

Her movements stopped abruptly when she heard the people from the Dickens Family had come.

from the

again and Charles sent

Patrick go back to the

him, tidied up her clothes,

when she went to the Main Residence of the Hopkins

back, but also those people behind

people were from the Dickens

doing here?" Patrick

naturally wrapped his right arm around her waist and led her into the

a little

Patrick beside her and

they happen to be

Patrick personally picks us up

next to Donald was

went to the airport early in the morning to pick up

he hang out with Cecilia last night? He must have been ordered by Mr.Hopkins as

and luxurious with the eight-meter luxury

Patrick, and opposite her were Donald and


politely, while Christina's expression was complicated and she

certificates, we are in-laws.There's no need to

Mr.Hopkins spoke with authority.

the wedding, we'll wait until

not show

face, "Mr.Hopkins, I have always respected you very much, but in this matter, I don't think

lowered her


and Mr.Hopkins have no feelings for each other.It’s just an accidental

are worried that Christina will be wronged after marrying into Hopkins Family? You are afraid

seemed unhappy and asked in a


quickly smiled and flattered as

Connie's words fell, two men strode

so busy today.Who pays you a

demurely and walked in with bags of tonics, and Cory was walking in next to

up and happened to

of them had mixed expressions of

had gone to the Dickens Family as Carrie's boyfriend, and now...Donald turned his head and looked at Mr.Hopkins with complicated expressions in

be Patrick's cousin.That's ridiculous.She will bring shame to the Hopkins Family.’ Donald was unusually insistent as if he was very resistant to being

Mr.Hopkins's expression became sullen.


whole hall went quiet and the people present did not dare to

Donald looked

knew he could not

suddenly solemn

filled with ambiguous

here today, so she specifically asked her son to

"Serve the dishes,"

suddenly ordered the


rest of them didn't

glanced at Patrick as he pulled a

the restaurant with the help

Family served the

Mr.Hopkins had already asked people to prepare

meet with the Dickens Family, but he did not expect that the Dickens Family would not agree to

sat straight and ate, the

smiled and said a few words about the company, and Connie also smiled and talked about the

did not dare to say

way, but his eyes always fell on Christina from time

she felt awkward as she was being

She lowered her head.

like that she lost

relaxed when people from the Dickens

are you feeling sick as you're

pretended to care about Christina as

opposite her,

woman is indeed an actor.She really

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