Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 32: Mistress 

Patrick's face darkened gradually.

He didn't say a word more, turning around and striding away.

Christina looked a little confused when she watched him leave without a word.

Christina didn't understand what was wrong with him, but she felt that he might be angry.

‘What is he angry about?"

She stepped forward and suddenly wanted to catch up with him.

But she remembered what happened between him and Cecilia.

‘Forget it!’ Patrick was indeed very angry.

With a sullen face, he took out his cell phone, and ordered in a cold voice, "Send me the WhatsApp password of your company's entertainer...’ 

Charles, on the other end of the phone, received the call and felt that Patrick was obviously in a bad mood, "Patrick, what do you want the WhatsApp password for? It is not good..."

After all, this was about privacy.

"I will find someone to crack it"

Charles became nervous when he heard this.

"What happened?"

"Send me Connie's WhatsApp password..." Patrick sounded impatient.

‘Connie?’ Charles looked thoughtful when he heard the name.

Connie was indeed an entertainer under his company.

But she happened to be robbed of the role of the leading actor by Cecilia last time, and Connie was a member of the Dickens Family...

"Patrick, you've registered for marriage with Christina.After all, Connie is also a member of the Dickens Family.Now Cecilia is very popular in the entertainment circle.She can win the award at the end of the year without any threat.There's no need..."

‘’I don't want to explain this to you” Charles had to have someone send Connie's password to Patrick, lest Patrick really found a technician to crack it and made his company's database revealed.

However, Charles didn't understand why Patrick wanted Connie's WhatsApp password.

Moreover, Patrick never used WhatsApp.

Christina sat in the pavilion in the back garden for a long time, and she looked a little angry.

"Why should he be angry? I'm not angry yet!"

She was unpleasant when she thought of Patrick's callousness.

‘‘He went out to fool around and had an affair with another woman.Why should he be angry with me?”

 But just now, Patrick's look was very strange when he gazed at her.

Christina was distraught and was about to go to the study to ask Patrick about the reason when a tall figure strode towards her.

As soon as Christina turned around, she became wary when she met her father-Donald's stern gaze.

"Do you have any sense of shame?"

The moment he opened his mouth, he scolded her sarcastically.

She had been used to his father's scold.

Christina's face was grim and her hands were clenched in fists.

She walked away as if he wasn't there.


Donald seemed angry.

"You married Cory three years ago.Why didn't you tell me?"

tone was

you? You have had nothing to do with

couldn't help but turn

you when I was starving and freezing? Did you want to care

glared at his own

but now they had a confrontation and viewed each other as

nothing to do with me? Mr.Hopkins asked me to come here today because you are acting in the name of Miss Dickens.Every word and

had nothing to do with my identity as Miss Dickens.Hopkins Family accepted me

talk to me about this? You climbed to Patrick's bed in order to marry into a rich

Donald's face also darkened.

love vanity.I climbed to

bit her lips and

and her sister go to college, Connie was only 20 years old.She had climbed to the bed of you, a 50-year-old old man at that time.Why

"Shut up!"

raised his big palm

do apart

stood still, with her

at her heartless father in front

Donald's face was gloomy.

hand stopped suddenly when it was half an inch

withdrew his hand and ordered directly, "I warn you to be docile in the future.Don't be a

that you made use of Cory's case to ask him to marry you and drive Carrie out of the country.You became the mistress on purpose in an attempt to get revenge.Don't think about malicious provocation all day, or I won't

"Who is the mistress?"

back the tears in her eyes

has been over three years old this year.Do you still want to

suppressing the grievance and resentment

a deep breath and suppressed her

regret doing all the stupid things.I loved him back then.I was willing to bear everything.I didn't need his gratitude, and I didn't bother to fight for it


loved the wrong person, she was

you say so much to me is that you worry about Carrie and Connie, isn't it? What are you worried about? Are you worried that I'll rob Carrie of her man later? What did Connie say to you? I'm a b*tch.I've

couldn't hold back and tears welled up in

not want to talk to him and did

back and walked with heavy

strode past him and left, with her only dignity in

flashed with

his daughter was haughty and it was


years ago, his stubborn daughter knelt down and begged him, using her mother's inheritance as

secretly help Cory


inheritance to ask Donald to help

back the tears in her

shed tears for

what made

her dead mother and

that bastard, had an affair with Carrie.But now it becomes

more Christina thought about it,

her bedroom, not

of the Hopkins Family, a familiar little figure ran

girl was wearing a cute pink

Christina's face darkened.

She was Carrie's daughter.



out with a childish

looked into the hall with her neck stiff, only to see the little girl running to the front of Mr.Hopkins and called the old


saw this cute little girl appearing suddenly, his old face was

"Who is she?"


looked fiercely at Carrie, who suddenly

low voice, "Why did you come here

ignored him and looked at Mr.Hopkins

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