Chapter 37

Nathaniel gradually put away his worried and concerned expression as his face turned sullen. He stared at Lily and asked, “Are you threatening me?” “Tonly want what I deserve.” Lily‘s request was straightforward. She was not greedy but could no longer hand over what belonged to her to others.

“Haha.” Nathaniel felt a little stuffy, so he casually loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt‘s top button. He stared down at Lily, arms akimbo, saying, “What do you deserve? Over the past few years, I paid for all your food, clothes, and rent. What else do you think you deserve?” Lily looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar face before her and thought of how ridiculous Nathaniel looked. How could this man so casually assert his reasoning to such a degree so righteously? It angered her to the point where she laughed aloud. However, she was not angry at Nathaniel but at herself. How blind was she to fall in love and become fascinated by such a man over the years? She wondered why she could not see his true colors earlier on.

at fault. “Don‘t think so highly of yourself just because you made a few perfumes. Who was the one who provided you with the raw materials and rented the laboratory? Where would you be without my support?” Lily slowly raised her head and said, “So, you admit that I developed most of MN Inc.‘s perfumes?” “So what?

this, at least. Since our discussion has come to this, it makes no sense for us to talk

could Nathaniel let her go without a fight? He hurriedly caught up and grabbed Lily‘s clothes when something fell out of her pocket. Startled, Nathaniel instinctively reached out to grab the item. However, Lily had already picked it

device. “Give that to me!”

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