Chapter 36

At that moment, he could not be concerned with anything else as it was more important that he calmed Lily down first. Nathaniel‘s words made Lily laugh. These were the words Lily had been hoping to hear for years, but now they sound ironic. Marriage? In his dreams!

“That‘s unnecessary. It’s easy if you want to prove it,” Lily said with a soft sigh, putting her mocking smile away.

Seeing her expression, Nathaniel thought he had convinced Lily to change her mind.

He stepped forward and continued persuading her. “That‘s right. We should trust each other. You‘ve always been there for me through thick and thin. It‘ll be the same this time, right?

an affair with Melanie and to save the company from its

wayis that?” Nathaniel asked eagerly, thinking how great it would be

public opinion remained negative. The

At least he was right about one thing. Every time he encountered difficulties in the past, she helped him through them. Lily did her best to come up with new products and ideas, believing that she was working hard for both their futures, but how stupid was she? “It‘s simple, really. We‘ll go back to the press conference right now for a final clarification. You‘ll inform the media and reporters that I made

at her in disbelief. She was two steps ahead of him, yet he could feel the pressure from her,

me to my death,” Nathaniel

Isn’t it the truth? I was the one who painstakingly made all of MN Inc.‘s best–selling perfumes in recent years. All you have

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