Chapter 30

Lily walked over and sat down gracefully. Melanie had arrived at the venue earlier. Once Lily took her seat,Melanie glanced over at Nathaniel, who noticed that and gave Melanie an "Okay" gesture.

Seeing that, Melanie felt slightly more at ease.

The press conference soon commenced, and Nathaniel went straight to the point.

"I'm sure all of you heard about the incident during the perfumery competition last night.

There were some misunderstandings.

Hence, we arranged this press conference to clarify the misunderstandings to those concerned with the media’s help.” Nathaniel paused before he continued, “The product ‘First Love,’ which was one ofMN Inc.'s entries to the competition, was well-received by everyone.

However, two companies submitted the same work, which raised concerns about plagiarism and intellectual property theft.

The people involved in this incident are already here, so I won’t say more.

Now, I'll pass the floor to the two perfumers to explain it to all of you, alright?” Then Nathaniel passed the microphone to Melanie.

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Nathaniel started to get anxious and wanted to remind Lily to speak, he finally heard Lily say, “I agree with what

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