Chapter 31

Nathaniel took the lead in turning the microphone to his side to strike preemptively, “Of course, it’s not considered stealing.

In any case, Lily is a member of our company.

She has worked as Ms.

Thayer's assistant and has participated in creating fragrances to some extent for many years.

"I don't want to define it as stealing or plagiarism this time because it sounds atrocious.

I can only say that in this society, in our industry, it is understandable that we can’t control everything.

We are willing to give Lily a chance, and we hope MN Inc.

can bring us better compositions in the future." Nathaniel had some experience socializing and dealing with the media over the years.

His remarks were neither humble nor arrogant, snobby but sincere.

He understood and protected the employees who betrayed his company.

The reporters felt moved while casting a contemptuous look toward Lily.

current situation

Lily was unwilling to be an assistant and then

to seek refuge but never expected

had already gone off the beam, but MN

willing to

a small number of people also

company andhas not signed a contract." Others assumed Nathaniel had considered this issue before, so he calmly said smilingly, "Yes,

not that we didn't want to

Lily and

so we didn't think

also transfer her salary

my mistake, and we have prepared a contract with excellent

I believe MN Inc.

after this misunderstanding!” The crowd gave warm applause

and a satisfied smile

worsened if it were not for his

off his forehead before another reporter

does the freshman know the realstory behind this? If they don't know about it, what will you tell them? Is this considered fraud? Will the freshman sue you?" The reporters' questions were getting increasingly intense, and their gazes

Nathaniel wiped his forehead.

speak when Lily took the microphone away, held it in

“Those are excellent questions.

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