Chapter 26

"I-I'm full." Lily lowered her head while her cheeks flushed red. “You’re probably tired, so let’s go home and rest first.

We'll talk about the rest tomorrow.” As if knowing what was bothering Lily, Alexander said, “I’ll let Edward know about your request.

Don't worry about it." His words managed to relieve Lily of her worries.

She thought it was great to have someone else understand her and make arrangements to get things done before she even asked.

When the couple got into the car, Alexander asked Lily, “Are you renting the place you’re staying at now?” “Yeah.” “Cancel your contract and movein with me," Alexander said and held Lily's hand.

Alexander's actions made Lily's heart skip a beat as she tightened her grip on his hand andlowered her head, appearing to be in her thoughts.

Alexander did not rush her either.

He just looked ahead with her hand in his, waiting patiently for her answer.

The arrival of such a day was already within Lily's expectations, but she just did notthink it would come so soon.

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