Chapter 25

"It's fine, Liv. Listen to me. You've been busy because of work for far too long. You shouldtake a break since you'll get busy again in a few days.

By then, you won't be able to rest even if you wanted to,” Lily said half-jokingly.

Since Lily insisted, Olivia stopped persuading her.

“Okay then.Oh right, you know I have two phones.I turned off the one for work.If you need me, call my personal phone number.”

“Yeah.Have fun!” After hanging up, Lily noticed Alexander gave her a deep look.

She looked down at her appearance, but nothing seemed to be out of place.

"What's wrong?" + “Are you asking her to leave because you don’t want her to get involved?” Alexander hit thenail on the head, stunning Lily before she let out a smile. “Not entirely.

Liv was my assistant while I worked in MN Inc., so she’s familiar with all my products and research outcomes.

This time, Nathaniel is determined to make me take the blame for everything, so Liv would be the first person he woulwanted to bring up the past.

If so, she will have no choice but to tell them everything, regardless of whether or notshe wants to, because she is still MN Inc.'s employee.

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