Chapter 14

“If you didn’t run away, why didn’t you come home yesterday? Do you know I stayed up all night for you?” Nathaniel paused before continuing, “I’m sure there’s some misunderstanding about yesterday. I don’t blame you. Just come home, and it’ll be all right after we talk things out, okay?”

After some pondering, Lily smiled faintly. “Sure, I’ll meet you at the office later.” She hung up the call and walked back to the dining table. It was only now that Alexander looked up at her,” You’re leaving now?”

“Nah, I’m not in a hurry.” Smiling, she sat back down and adjusted her seat as she was in high spirits and had a better appetite. In an unhurried manner, she continued to eat. “I’m not the one who is in a hurry.”

There were countless occasions when Lily had to wait for Nathaniel to return. Was it finally his turn to wait for her now?

“He’s not going to let what happened yesterday go easily.” Nathaniel was a petty man. He was calculative even about the slightest things. One could only imagine how big of a deal he would make about the humiliation he faced yesterday. Moreover, Lily’s departure was undoubtedly a fatal blow to his small company. “Me too,” Lily said as she looked at Alexander with a smile plastered on her face.

back at her

the whole day and even skipped lunch during his wait. However, Lily was still nowhere to be seen at 3 pm. He called her, but she did not answer his calls again. Frustration filled him

trust Lily! It was too naive of you to believe in her.” Melanie was leaning against the spacious leather sofa while slicing an apple. “What happened last night was a trap set up for us. Remember when I told you she seemed strange yesterday? You said there wasn’t any problem with her,

so he vented his anger

been by your side, taking care of you! I was the only one who cared about you all along!” Then, she walked over and handed Nathaniel the sliced apple plate. “Here! You should still eat something no matter how mad you

became teary-eyed as she spoke, looking as if her tears would fall any minute. Even though she had a pitiful appearance now, she still looked beautiful.

around her shoulders and comforted her, “I’m not mad at you. It’s just that I’m in an awful mood. Forgive me for what I did

best for me. Darling, don’t cry

about Lily.” Melanie cried and struggled slightly in his embrace. However, her words

of Melanie and Nathaniel being intimate, Lily smiled. “Oops. It seems like I came at a

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