Chapter 15

“What nonsense could they have possibly told me?” Lily broke free from Nathaniel’s grip and approached Melanie. “I’m interested to know what you think they would tell me.”

Under the scrutiny of Lily’s sharp gaze, Melanie averted hers. “How would I know what they told you? But I’m guessing they want to offer you a role even when they know you’re working with us. They probably badmouthed us and boasted about themselves. Lily…” After a slight pause, Melanie continued, looking like she had just remembered something.

“Did they offer you a higher salary?”

“Higher salary? What would you consider that to be?” Lily asked in return and blinked her eyes innocently as if she knew nothing about what Melanie had just mentioned.

Melanie was disgusted by Lily’s act and thought, Such an idiot. She doesn’t even know how to negotiate for a higher salary. How did she even connect to the people from Rebirth? There must be a mastermind who planned everything last night. Someone must’ve persuaded her to do those things.’

speak to me that way, please? I’m afraid they’ve deceived you,” Melanie said concernedly.

Lily’s arm. Melanie had to lean down a little, but she was unwilling to do so. As a result, she pulled Lily’s arm up to match her height without caring if Lily

as she started thinking that she must’ve

perfume research, causing her to neglect her social life. Moreover, she did not like to involve herself in meaningless social interactions as she believed it was enough for her to have a few good friends. Little did Lily know that

Melanie down closer to meet her gaze. “How am I talking now? I’ve always spoken to you this way. Oh, I get it. Are you mad because I told everyone I created First Love?” Blinking innocently, Lily continued, “But it’s true that I created First Love. Didn’t you say we might fail in the competition? I didn’t want you to take the blame for me; that was why I said First Love was my work. Still, you said I stole your formula for First Love

Lily’s tugging. With the addition of the contentious question from Lily, she became

because you left us no

Mel and I looked everywhere for you last night because you didn’t come home? Can’t we talk and

Lily chuckled. When she turned to face Nathaniel, she forcefully turned Melanie’s body through their tangled arms. Suffering the pain from Lily’s

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