Chapter 12

Lily approached Alexander meekly but saw himn turn toward atable. Then he pointed his chin toward the table and said, “Drink that and go to sleep.”

Lily looked at the drink – it was hot chocolate. She was amazed that Alexander was so considerate and had prepared a lot for her in such a short time. Lily pursed her lips and drank the hot chocolate obediently. Her lower abdomen felt warm and relaxed as she sat on the bed. She almost dozed off.

Alexander dimmed the lights and glanced at her, “What is it?”

Lily could not hold back her yawn as she sleepily asked, “Aren‘t you coming to bed?”

Alexander responded. He adjusted his wife‘s pillow and tucked her in attentively. He sat down again and adjusted the air conditioner‘s temperature before taking another

blurry with a vague outline. Alexander was extraordinarily handsome

could not help but say, “Y–You can‘t fall asleep if you drink coffee at night.” Alexander put down the cup in his hand and casually asked, “What else do I drink then?” However, there was no response. The woman was leaning on the bed, still half–recumbent. Her eyes were closed as she snored slightly. She fell asleep rather quickly. Alexander smiled and looked at Lily. He

his eyebrows and adjusted Lily‘s sleeping position, stretching out to embrace her. Lily was in Alexander‘s arms, but they did not do anything even though it was their wedding night.

following day, without discomfort from her period. She realized she had not slept so soundly in a long time. She wanted to stretch her waist but could not because someone was lying beside her.

was resting on the person‘s arm. She hurriedly sat up and scratched her head. Then her memories

already?” Alexander‘s low voice sounded from beside

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