Chapter 11

Lily was nervous, and her hands hung on both sides of her body as she unconsciously grabbed the sheets underneath her. She had heard about this on TV and read it in novels but was apprehensive.

Alexander attentively noticed her nervousness and looked at her tightly closed eyes, “If you‘re not ready, we can wait.”

Lily, trembling slightly, suddenly opened her eyes. She saw sincerity and respect in his eyes. The feeling of being cherished warmed her heart, and she shook her head and let go of Alexander‘s hand.

Then she raised her arm to wrap them around his neck. “I can do this! P–Please continue.”

would not be that coincidental. It was too late. Lily curled her legs,

saw her actions. The burning flames in his eyes dimmed as he straightened up. He attempted to sigh but laughed instead. After a few seconds of silence, he finally bent down to pick Lily up


from her face as she could no longer avoid looking at her husband.

worry. I won‘t touch unnecessarily,” Alexander spoke without changing his expression. He had already entered the shower and put Lily down. He removed the showerhead and adjusted the water temperature. Then he handed the showerhead to

the water temperature was just right as it flowed down her body. She had to admit that Alexander was very considerate and caring. It was hard

sanitary pads with her. She had been so busy with First Love that she forgot about her period. Lily counted the days

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