Chapter 3

Lily looked down at her instep and raised her head calmly. “What’s wrong?”

“Where are the First Love’s documents?! We can’t find it in the lab. Do you know what day it is today?! Rather than staying in the lab, you chose to wander around?!”

Nathaniel followed Lily’s line of sight and saw the small cut on her instep. He felt guilty for a while but soon thought of the upcoming competition, which was more critical to him.

“Isn’t the new product’s reveal and competition starting tonight? I thought I still had some time left, so I bought myself some new clothes to prepare for it.”

Before Nathaniel could speak, Melanie beside him laughed. “Why? Are you planning to attend?”

“Can’t I?” Lily turned to look at her former friend and asked back.

Melanie’s smile deepened. “It’s not that. I’m just worried you will feel out of place. Also, didn’t you avoid participating in such activities in the past?”

“Yeah, you’ve never liked these places nor pursued fame and fortune. You can stay at home and wait for our good news! Now, where are the documents?” Nathaniel approached Lily and reached out, wanting to pat her shoulder, but Lily deftly turned sideways to avoid Nathaniel’s hand.

Nathaniel froze for a moment, and a kraft paper bag in Lily’s hand immediately caught his attention. “Are the documents complete?” He took the bag and checked it carefully with concern before handing it to Melanie.

With her action so natural, Melanie took it and glanced casually. A satisfied smile appeared on her lips. It’s not that Melanie did not understand the fragrance, but she still lacked talent compared to Lily.

In addition, after hooking up with Nathaniel, Melanie even gave up her acquired efforts. Over the years, she probably forgot almost all her knowledge, taking all Lily’s credit and enjoying her achievements.

beckoning at her. “Where are the samples?” Melanie questioned

pick them up at the laboratory before you leave for the competition,” Lily

they exchanged glances in front of her. Feeling disgusted, Lily asked, “Nate,

while and immediately frowned. “Lily, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t I tell you this is

course, I’m not saying it will fail, but think about it. There’s always an ‘if.’ If

It was as if he cared about Lily wholeheartedly. If Lily hadn’t heard Nathaniel’s concern with her ears and seen it with her own eyes, the shameless couple would have

can only wish you two good luck tonight!” Lily

right, hurry up and prepare

her lips and sneered. Oh, of course, she would ensure nothing

the phone sounded concerned. “Lily, are you

road and said, “Olivia, have you prepared the things I asked you to?”

perfume now?” Olivia asked worriedly.

Love’s formula over the past several months and was finally pleased with its results. Tonight was a big night for First Love, so Olivia wondered why Lily would

trust me?”

I trust you, but are you sure you won’t compete in person?” She could not help but ask again, even though she knew the answer would be no. She knew how much effort Lily put

knew about her because Melanie stole the spotlight. Olivia felt aggrieved just thinking about it.

side. “What’s mine will always be mine,” She said meaningfully, “Nate and Mel will collect

worry. I’ll handle

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