Chapter 4

Alexander placed Lily on the sofa and turned to get some ointment and alcohol swabs. He cleaned Lily’s wound and carefully applied some medicine.

The small cut had already stopped bleeding on the way to La Beauté. With the ointment applied now, Lily’s skin felt iced cool.

Lily looked at the man in front of her, lowering his head and focused on applying the ointment. Alexander’s impassive expression made it seem as if it was nothing. However, Nathaniel had never done something like this for Lily over the years because he never cared about Lily.

After applying the ointment, Alexander looked up and saw Lily’s absent-minded expression. “What is it?”

“N-Nothing…” She shook her head and quickly put down her feet. “Thank you.”

“You are my wife, so there’s no need to say thanks. However, there is one thing I hope you’ll remember,” Alexander said as he screwed the cap onto the ointment tube.

“Please, what is it?” Lily nodded.

“I don’t care about the past, but since we’re married, you can no longer be involved in the indistinct relationship…”

“I won’t!” Before Alexander could finish, Lily interrupted, “You don’t have to worry. At least in this marriage, I’ll guarantee my loyalty. I hope you will too.”

Alexander raised his eyebrows as he did not expect she would have the courage to ask for any requests.

“I know our marriage is just beneficial to you. Although I do not know your purpose, I hope we can keep some principles in this marriage. If one day you fall in love with someone else, I can accept divorce, but I have zero tolerance for cheating in marriage.”

She had already experienced betrayal once. She would never allow it to happen again.

“What a

grinning, Lily got lost in thought for a

thought, ‘Not only does he have an

but she did not expect to marry him. Maybe she had been so unfortunate for so

expect him to go there in person. After all, this competition was just nothing for La Beauté. Their beauty

wearing a dark blue suit with his hair styled. He looked handsome,

Lily was laughing at herself. She wondered how she

car?” Holding her hand, Alexander turned his face and asked.

shook her

hand and walked in front of the shameless couple, they

wanted to recoup all her hard work for the past few years with interest. Although it was not a grand competition, there was still

experts from various provinces to ensure fairness and impartiality during the competition. Three hours before the competition started, representatives of each company submitted all

these three hours, the judges would judge and rate the quality of the fragrance, the top notes, heart notes,

out, but they had not yet announced them.

did not enter the venue. She and Alexander stayed in the exclusive VIP room together. They could see the venue’s live situation through the large projection screen in the room. Nathaniel and Melanie rode high as if they

quietly. ‘Laugh and smile as much as you can. Days

judges will soon reveal the results. The guests socializing and entertaining

did not win

is fair, just, and open. There will be no restrictions. No matter how influential a company is, it could sign up for the competition as long as they meet its requirements. We also want to warn everyone that the perfumer’s character is more critical than the product’s quality. We will strictly prevent

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