Chapter 6

The figure wore a simple and plain white dress. The lights focused on her body, and everyone was dazzled when she walked out with a graceful aura around her. Lily dressed simply and did not wear any jewelry. Her makeup was also faint, yet it accentuated her natural beauty.

“L-Lily?!” Nathaniel could not believe his eyes and could not digest what exactly happened. He instinctively took a few quick steps forward and faced Lily. He lowered his voice and said, “What are you doing here?”

“I came here to participate in the competition, of course.” Lily glanced at him. Her lips revealed a mischievous smile as she leaned over and continued to move forward.

“Lily!” Nathaniel pulled her wrist, his low voice exasperated, “Stop fooling around! This is not the occasion for such things!”

Alexander squinted at the screen in the VIP room, looking at Lily’s restless hand. Then his glance sharpened suddenly.

The next second, Lily pulled her arm away from Nathaniel’s grasp with force. “Mr. Hall, since you know this is an important occasion, I suggest you behave yourself!” Her words echoed throughout the venue, and she was already on the stage.

Her transformation greatly exceeded Nathaniel’s expectations, and he looked at the woman standing on the stage in surprise. Lily had always been well-behaved, so how did she…

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Rebirth’s very own perfumer, Lily. I was the one who made First Love.” Lily was unhurried, and every word she spoke was clear. Everyone present could hear her.

Looking at Lily on the stage, Melanie gripped the wine glass in her hand and gritted her teeth to maintain a superficial smile. She glared at Nathaniel, signaling him to salvage the situation urgently. However, Nathaniel had firmly locked his gaze on Lily as he wondered what she would do.

“The organizing committee has informed me there was a clash in creativity with First Love. I was surprised to hear that, but I believe the judges will make a fair decision. Still, I am willing to accept further investigation.” Afterward, Lily took two steps back away from the microphone. She looked decent and elegant, which made her seem honest.

“L-Lily? I feel like I’ve heard of this person before.”

winning the Best New Perfumer award in the province contest, but I hadn’t heard from

At a competition in Finland two years ago, she made a blunder,

I remember who she

eyes changed when they looked at Lily. They disdained her, teased her, and wanted to watch the drama unfold. The competition’s standards were not as high as others, and many influential companies in the industry did not participate. Only the smaller and more medium-sized

and perfumer’s popularity to grow their profit if they won an award.

itself. Still, Rebirth did not use La Beauté Group’s senior perfumers during this competition, so the

steadied her flustered heart. Then he approached the stage smilingly. “I apologize for delaying everyone’s time. I’m Melanie, MN Inc.’s perfumer, and I am honored to meet so many elites in our industry,” she paused and continued smilingly, “I have not been in the industry for long. I only started three years ago,

I can only thank the person who stole my work because it means others have recognized it.” She turned and playfully winked

lying so effortlessly. Although the two ladies smiled and

sides seem reasonable to us. Is this truly a clash in creativity?”

burst into an

of this proportion after all my years

It would be possible if it were just the product’s name, but even the perfume’s scent is similar. It’s too much of a

must be

plagiarists! It is a shame

despise plagiarism, but I believe the judges will bring justice to the competition!”

about you, Ms. Christian?” The

work.” Lily smiled blandly and did not

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