Chapter 5

“In the spirit of fairness, we’ve decided to postpone awarding to the top three. Instead, we’ll announce them after some investigation.”

When the host said that, Nathaniel and everyone else were in an uproar.

“Why must they postpone the award ceremony? It’s unfair to everyone!”

“The judges should disqualify both companies since they’re involved in a controversy!”

“Hey, tell us the names of the two companies!”

Various comments were on the scene, and the reporters were even more excited. Initially, everyone thought the competition would go on without a hitch and did not expect any complications, so there would be no concerning headlines the following day.

Still, Nathaniel was sure his company would be fine, so he confidently stepped forward and raised his voice, “You guys are right! Given the situation, the organizing committee should disclose the results right now. I believe the representatives of the two suspected companies are present so we, as their peers, can witness their unjustness. Won’t that be more convincing?!”

Compared to the bustling scene on the screen, Alexander’s attention was on the woman beside him. Lily held a wine glass in her hand but did not take a sip, and her lips kept an indifferent smile.

After so many years, Lily finally belonged to him. Alexander had waited for three years. He always thought a sc*mbag like Nathaniel did not deserve Lily.

However, the two had hit a crossroad on their own, which saved Alexander the trouble. Still, things had to happen this way because Lily could not

cautious. She even started speaking softly like a mouse. But at that moment, sitting before the screen, Lily became confident again, and her determined eyes proved that she had not changed. She

Lily put her wine glass down and looked back at Alexander.

nodded. “Remember, I’m here.”

personally, his words made her feel relieved. She nodded gratefully, opened the door to the VIP room, and walked

He was the person who shouted the most among the crowd. Meanwhile, Melanie could not hide her complacency. She had never stood so close

about the plagiarists for the sake of sportsmanship, but since everyone strongly demands we reveal the suspects’ names, the organizing committee will disclose the


popularity would rise and significantly improve its reputation if he preemptively defamed

adjusted the microphone. “Two companies have submitted the same perfume. These perfumes are both named

MN Inc.’s work, so I wonder which company dared

other company that submitted the same product as MN

puzzled. “Which company is that? Forgive me for being ignorant, but I have never heard of them.” Nathaniel behaved modestly but was

Beauté Group’s sister company, which they founded last

in the industry, and La Beauté

I want to know because my company has worked diligently for over three months to formulate First Love. I wonder how Rebirth got hold of my

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