Tasting All My Mates

Tasting All My Mates By Alexis Dee Chapter 360

360-Maybe My Mates Doesn’t Love..

“Corbin! You better not come near me,” I warned him, keeping my hand on my eyes

but also ready to use magic to defend myself.

The instant I thought of using magic, Lazio’s words popped into my memory. Is it true

that I feel proud of my powers?

“Who told you I was coming near you?” I heard him right beside me, and my body

tensed up. I tried to pull away but felt something soft and cold touch my thighs.

Because I came home wearing the bride’s maid dress and changed into booty shorts

and a white shirt for the night, my legs were exposed.

I shuddered at what he was doing and uncovered my eyes. I thought of not caring if I

saw his dick and decided to fight him. That was when I was able to see what actually


“You got scared of a cucumber?” He started laughing while holding a cucumber that

he had touched me with. When he approached me, he was already dressed in shorts.

I just stood there, glaring at him. Part of me wanted to use my magic to burst that

cucumber in his hand, but the other part was just not so proud anymore.

“Listen! Just because I didn’t say anything when you tried to fool Lazio into

thinking I was jealous of you and Moana doesn’t mean you will get away with

every messy thing you do.” I was glaring at him in the eye and breathing

profusely. He took a bite from the cucumber and stepped closer, hunching over

to match the level of our faces.

in that dress. I can only imagine how beautiful you will look in

smirking or

while I looked away

want some space,” I walked

in my bed. In front of me was Thiago’s

bed. Well, it’s not quite

taken over the bed,

mate of yours? Did he really let you walk over here

room with the devil?” He pointed at

the devil and smirked.

a loser. And he knows I

there was no point in arguing with

would he

you with respect,”

lying. He always looks so depressed whenever

were angry with

but it is not like you

soon. We

one who is suffering now?”

listening to him with full concentration

to the edge to hunch over and talk to me. I got a

suffering? You came here because of your

I came here because

didn’t raise my voice

here because I was

to you. I

that you cannot stay without them.” He

I knew it. I told them there was

put here in the same room as

did you learn?” I smirked a little. He should

We argue at times, but


fuck about you,” that little laugh when answering me

away my smirk.

call these mates? One cheated on you,

the other was a monster, who died at

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