Chapter 13

Outside the Callahans’ villa.

Dozens of jeeps screeched to a halt as the soldiers that had ridden them here charged onto the Callahans’ home.

Panic erupted amongst the Callahans. Lex, who had gone to bed, got up again and approached the soldiers in his pajamas. “What’s happened, sir?” he asked the leader frantically, his face pale.

“Take them.”

With their order issued, two soldiers grabbed Lex by his forearms and dragged him away.

The others, still groggy from sleep, were also forcibly pulled into the jeeps.

Meanwhile, a loud bang erupted from Thea’s home. Benjamin and Gladys were awoken suddenly as soldiers filed in and dragged them away.

Cansington Hotel basement.

Thea sat tied up on the ground. Soon enough, her family was also brought in. Her grandfather, Lex Callahan; her father, Benjamin Callahan; her uncle, Howard Callahan; her second uncle, John Callahan, and everyone else. No one had been left out.

All of them had been tied up, too.

They looked at each other in panic and confusion, not knowing what they had done to offend the Xaviers, or why they were now in a basement.

Trent sat on the only chair in the room, taking a drag of his cigarette.

"Do you know why I brought you here, Thea Callahan?" he asked, his expression cold as the soldiers behind him looked on.

She did not. She knew she was nowhere near the workers when the painting fell, so why did the surveillance footage show otherwise?

"General Xavier, we haven't done anything against your family. In fact, our Tommy is good friends with Joel Xavier! Why are you doing this? Please, let us go," Lex shuffled in his restraints as he pleaded with Trent. "If we did do something to offend you, I promise I'll personally make it up to you…"

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