Chapter 14

The two cuts were a stark contrast to her otherwise fair skin. Blood kept flowing from the wounds, dyeing her neck red.

Her vision turned misty as crystalline tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, falling and mixing with her blood.

She had fallen into despair.

Faced with General Trent Xavier, all her helplessness and hopelessness piled up.

More than anything, hate swelled up within her.

She hated that she ran into that fire because she heard someone calling out for help!

She may have saved one person, but the injury that had been inflicted upon her cost her ten years of torment! Ten years of pain!

She became the laughing stock of the entire school when she got those burns.

Even the friends she was once close with wanted nothing to do with her!

Her classmates treated her like a bringer of plagues, avoiding her as much as they could!

Her family started hating her. Even her own parents treated her like she was worthless!

When her scars were finally healed, she had thought that maybe those ten years of suffering were worth it, after all.

But now, she was once again in the throes of despair.

"Please, General Xavier. This has absolutely nothing to do with us. It's all Thea's fault!"

"Yeah! It's all her fault! Torture her if you want, just please let us go!"

Thea stared up at Trent's expressionless face and listened to the Callahans push her onto the proverbial train tracks, all so they themselves could live. She fell deeper into despair.

"Not talking, are you?"

a hand, his expression turning cold. Immediately,


hall. I want everyone in Cansington to know what happens when they cross my family. We'll deal with Alex Yates after getting rid of

"Yes, sir."

men untied Thea's restraints, then dragged her out by the hair like it

her and the ground. Her skin was rubbed raw as she was dragged to the auction hall. Her wounds sent sharp sparks of pain through her every time they made contact with the ground, but the men ignored her wailing pleas for mercy,

the Cansington Hotel, the auction was proceeding

items they had put up were worth anything, yet their starting bids

Cansington. They were all well-versed in business proceedings and immediately caught onto

Xaviers, but Trent Xavier had returned to gather funds, intending on

no choice but to bid. Trent was the General of the western border. He had immense power, and

when they knew what they were bidding on were fakes and forgeries that were worth nothing, because they knew the alternative would be Trent Xavier getting payback on them for not buying

brought on stage as soon as the last bid

starting bid is eight million, bidders must bid

resurfaced. That painting Thea had destroyed was also

Alex Yates and put him on speaker, so Alex heard what Joel Xavier had said and bankrupted the Xaviers out

billion dollars would be a fair starting bid for it,

bid ten million.



Xavier's good side, some of the wealthier families started bidding in earnest. Soon enough, the forged Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside's Edge went from being worthless to having a hefty price tag of twelve

painting was finally

yet another item, two fully armed men dragged a woman

heels was missing, and she had friction burns on her knees. Blood continued flowing freely from her

a cold breath at the

once she arrived on

so she just so happened to

names in Cansington, but the sight of Thea's bloodied face terrified them. Their faces went pale as they sat frozen in their seats, not even

"Help… help me…"

a straw, calling out to them for

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