The Alpha's Mysterious Mate ( The Fate Series Book 1)

Chapter 11: The Trump Family Was In Chaos 

Serena's POV: 

My heart was full resistance when I set foot again in the Black Moon Pack.

This place had brought me nothing but pain and suffering.

But this time, I had Peter by my side.

Only my mate would be able to give me the courage to face this place again.

Tyler and Zoe came out to the front to welcome the two elders who came to visit.

Immediately, they denied Peter's accusation.

"Elder Ned and Elder Flint, I'm sure you think this accusation is outrageous.There must be some mistake.Serena was our pack's slave.We purchased her seven years ago.Of course, we had the right to sell her."

I expected that Tyler would never admit his crime, but I didn't expect him to be stoop so low.

He distorted the truth without even blinking his eyes.

"Liar! I was never your slave! You found me in the forest seven years ago.You took me in so that someone could do all your house chores.I'm a free werewolf, just like you!" I defended myself.

"Well, do you have any evidence to support that? Tell us, which werewolf family do you come from? What are the names of your parents?" Shirley growled.

She was in a wheelchair.

Peter had beaten her up pretty hard in the Garcias' mansion.

Her ability to recover was obviously slower than mine, so she still had bandages all over her body.

Her questions rendered me speechless.

I could not reveal who my parents were.

That would be revealing my hybrid identity as well.

Whenever anyone would ask in the Black Moon Pack, I would always say that I didn't remember my parents anymore.

They knew that I would not have an answer to those questions.

They were deliberately making me look like a fool in front of the elders.

"I'm an orphan.Ever since I was little, I had been living in the forest alone.I might not remember who my parents are, but that doesn't mean I'm a slave.You were the one who brought me here.Do you have any evidence that I was slave?"

"Well, I...It's been seven years, after all.There's no evidence, but everyone in this pack knows that you are a slave."

Tyler didn't have any proof either, but this

Ned raised his hand, gesturing for us to

that neither of you have any

the many werewolves from Black Moon Pack

of the Black Moon Pack, I'm sure someone must remember what happened

seemed to intimidate the werewolves.All their eyes were glued to the ground.No one

threatening glare

most of them pursed

They are obviously going to side with their Alpha!"

where Serena stayed for the past seven years. They are the only ones who

Ned had a

I think it's better to interrogate them in private.They will not be able to speak honestly with their

pulled on Peter's sleeve, shaking my

if they were interrogated in private, I didn't think those werewolves would ever back me

and only cared about their own

going against their Alpha for a powerless orphan

them that Tyler was lying


here to appease

been in the council for a long

sly and cunning foxes were they

in fact, these elders would only show up when something happened to keep a good reputation for

to offend Peter or Tyler, so they

was certain that they hoped they wouldn't find anything

they would declare the matter


Peter was absolutely furious.

raise his voice again, Brandon suddenly came out from

voice echoed throughout the reception

testify that Serena is, in

orphan adopted by

relationship, but Shirley turned

her and sold


His words stunned everyone.

shock on Tyler's, Zoe's, and Shirley's

as if she was not wounded at all

the hell do

shake himself off of

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