Elaine was over the moon and a little disbelieving when she heard Axel’s statement. Her money had increased from 1.3 million to two million! She asked, astonished, “Are you sure? Are you really giving me two million?”

Axel nodded hurriedly. “Of course! It’s all yours!”

“Wow, that’s wonderful!” Elaine shrieked in excitement.

Seeing Elaine not only getting back her money, but also the additional five hundred thousand dollars, the rest of the elders were tiptoeing in jittery. They felt that since Elaine’s money was refunded, they should also receive the same treatment as well, shouldn’t they? Hence, some of them started, “Mr. Jordan, what about our money?”

Axel turned to Albert, exasperated. Albert was heavyhearted to surrender all the money he had pocketed, but he was up against the Wade family who he couldn’t afford to pick a fight with-he might even lose his life. Hence, he blurted, “Just refund, refund them all! For Mr. Wade’s sake, they’ll get back their capital and the dividends!” The crowd cheered delightfully.

“Don Albert, what do you mean by ‘for my sake’? I have nothing to do with these people. Are you trying

Wade, what do you

totally up to you if you want to return their money, but if you dare say something like returning their money for my sake, don’t blame me for falling out

ask for their money now? On the contrary, not only would he not help them get their money back, but it was also a reminder to Albert that if he dared to

“Mr. Wade and his mother-in-law are

a deaf ear to

noisy seniors pestering Charlie, Albert screamed indignantly, “Shut the fuck up! All of you! Who the hell dares to say one more word and irritate Mr. Wade, I’ll kill them!” Suddenly, the noise quieted down and the seniors were as quiet as a church mouse. Albert looked at the shocked Kevin and asked, “Mr. Wade, is this Mr.

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