Charlie glared at him coldly and muttered, “I don’t have any disputes nor any connections with you, but you kept making fun of me and taunting me, and now you want me to help you? Dream on!”

Kevin collapsed and wailed, “Charlie, I’m really sorry, please help me…”

Looking at Charlie’s displeased expression, Albert shouted to his men, “Damn it you fools, what are you waiting for it? Get your hands on him now!”

His bodyguards were startled in shock. Then, they swiftly grabbed Kevin’s neck and hair, and started beating the crap out of him! Soon, blood flooded Kevin’s mouth and a few of his teeth were broken, but Albert’s bodyguards showed no signs of stopping. Every slap they swung towards Kevin’s face was fast and hard!

Albert turned to Charlie and asked with a flattering smile, “Mr. Wade, are you satisfied with our work?” Charlie nodded casually. “Very good. Okay, that’s it, I have to go now.”

Albert handed his name card to Charlie respectfully and said, “Mr. Wade, this is my number. Please call if you have any business to settle, I’ll always be just a call away.”

slightly and put the card into his pocket. Then, he then turned to

extra seven hundred thousand dollars that she had earned! Her eyes were filled

an earnest tone, “Hey, Charlie, it’s my fault for barking up the wrong tree. I didn’t know you were so

of the youngsters nowadays. My

negotiate with Mr. Jordan to

coldly, “Why should I help you? You all sounded so cocky and pompous just now. If you can’t get your money back today, go ask your own son-in-law to help!” Then, he turned in a huff and left. All the seniors were sighing dejectedly, very regretful upon Charlie’s harsh statement. They regretted teasing and taunting

slapped themselves twice on the face in agony, some crouched on the floor in a daze, while others rolled around wailing hysterically. The money was all they had and now, it was all gone! However, that was all they could do for now. They only had their blabbering mouths

Elaine smiled coyly and asked Charlie, “Charlie, how do you know Don

him. Who am I to know someone like him? I just called

he had asked someone to help. The disappointment extinguished the enthusiastic fire that was burning

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