Charlie ordered her to keep an eye on Loreen after she started working and to always report to him if there were any abnormalities. After talking to Doris, Charlie took a taxi to the airport to pick Loreen up. When he was at the airport, Charlie disembarked the taxi and was about to go to the arrival hall when a Mercedes- Benz G-Class braked abruptly and stopped in front of him. Harold, Claire’s cousin, stretched his head out of the car window and frowned when he saw Charlie. “Why are you here?”

“I’m here to pick Claire’s friend up. Why are you here?” Charlie frowned too when he saw the familiar faces sitting in the car besides Harold, there were Gerald and Wendy.

Harold sneered. “Do you mean Miss Thomas? We’re here to entertain her, you’re nothing but redundant, get lost!”

Charlie snorted indifferently and said, “You get lost.” Thus, Charlie ignored them and walked directly into the airport’s arrival hall.

Thomas will be here soon. Grandma reminded

reason he was here today. In fact, welcoming Loreen to the city was the second agenda. His most important duty was to leave a good impression on her and tackle her heart. The Thomas family was prominent and influential in Eastcliff. If he could be with her, his status would skyrocket and the Wilson family would have a great boost in their reputation. Hence, he endured his displeasure with Charlie. They hurriedly got out of the car and rushed to the arrival

white dress that outlined her exquisite body. She was wearing sunglasses, but that couldn’t conceal her alluring beauty. Her skin was as smooth and white as a porcelain china doll with her fiery-red lips. Upon a closer look, her facial features and physique were

Gerald, who was there as a plus one, was amazed by her beauty. He

she quickly strode across the people as she waved at them. “Harold, Wendy, and

felt a fiery flame slowly burst inside his heart. He uttered swiftly, “Hey, Loreen, long time

smiled politely and added, “Hi, it’s been

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