After settling Elaine’s problem, Elaine and Charlie parted ways. Hugging the suitcase happily like a child holding a lollipop, Elaine went to the bank to make a deposit while Charlie went home. Upon entering the house, Charlie saw Claire’s shoes in the hallway, so he knew that she had returned and went straight to their bedroom. As soon as he entered the room, he saw his wife just hanging up the phone, her face painted with surprise and excitement.

He asked curiously, “Dear, who was it on the phone?”

Claire shrieked excitedly, “It’s my bestie, Loreen! Do you remember her?”

“Yes, I do,” Charlie nodded and continued, “She used to study in Aurous Hill and was very close to you. In fact, if I recall correctly, she is the daughter of the wealthy Thomas family in Eastcliff, isn’t she?”

“Yes!” Claire said, “Loreen’s family is quite prominent in Eastcliff.”

Charlie smiled and asked, “So what is it about? Is she coming to Aurous Hill for a visit?”

just for a visit, she’s coming

daughter of a prominent family in Eastcliff. Why doesn’t she work for

going to start working for Emgrand Group. As for why she has come all the way

acknowledgement but there was a thought running through his mind. ‘Although the Thomas family was not on par with the Wade family, they have a strong foundation in Eastcliff. Loreen has no excuse to ditch her family business and come to Aurous Hill to work with Emgrand.’ Hmm, does she have

I have a meeting with Emgrand Group tomorrow, I don’t think

nodded. “Alright, I’ll make some

place while you’re at it and

to him when Charlie hurriedly stopped her. “Nah, it’s okay. I have a friend who runs quite a decent restaurant, let me arrange for

for him. On second thought, Shangri-La was a surprise for his dear wife, so it would be better to entertain Loreen in another venue. Hence, he sent the message to the next person in his mind–Don

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