The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge

Authors:Master Yu Who Smokes
Num Chapters:3106
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Chapter 3109

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When a wife cheats on their husband and gets pregnant with another man's child, one would expect the husband to kick her out of the home and ask for a divorce. Oddly enough, it was the complete opposite for 26-year-old Leon Wolf. As if being treated like a slave by his in-laws was not bad enough, he was thrown out on the street by his wife and her family after she proudly declared to him that she got pregnant with someone else's baby! Distraught and resentful, Leon found himself wandering all the way to the cemetery, where he chanced upon the attempted assassination of a beautiful woman. In his bid to save her, Leon received a fatal stab wound on his chest and dragged the thug with him into a nearby river to drown together… All signs pointed to Leon's death, for he never surfaced again even though the distressed woman had waited for hours. Believing he had passed on to the afterlife, she left, but not before calling out to the river, "My name is Iris Young. Come and see me sometime…" A wisp of consciousness manifested underwater… 'Iris… What a beautiful name…'

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