The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 10

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 10

her mistakes,” Wendell pleaded sincerely.His hatred toward Cheryl started to manifest. He needed to make sure that Cheryl did not continue acting like that in the future. She might have been let off the hook on that occasion, but allowing her to continue with her shenanigans would eventually spell doom for him too!“Get up! Since my friend has elected to forgive you, I will agree to give you one more chance. I hope you’ll learn to shape up in the future!” Iris snorted coldly.She was capable of forgiving when the situation called for it.After all, she never liked using her identity to oppress others, and she did not want to argue with some insignificant people.“Thank you, Miss Young. Thank you, Sir…”Cheryl was finally brave enough to stand up, for she felt as if she was just granted a pardon. However, the clothes on her back were already soaked in cold sweat.Many of the guests there were alarmed.When they found out that the noble and beautiful woman in front of them was Iris, they all had a look of surprise as their eyes glowed with a fiery light.Many of them secretly took out their cell phones to snap some pictures, as they hoped to get Iris’s beautiful appearance on camera.“Let’s go, Leon…”Iris quickly realized that something was wrong and immediately pulled Leon out of the hotel.Hotels were tricky places because it was somewhat inappropriate to book a room there with Leon. It would only be detrimental for both of them should any misunderstanding or rumor begin to circulate.It went without saying that she had a clear conscience and therefore had nothing to fear, but many of her suitors were children of the rich and powerful. A misunderstanding involving such issues would easily cause unnecessary trouble to Leon.That was the last thing Iris wanted to see.…Dragonbay Villas was one of the most famous, upscale villas in Springfield City. Mountains and rivers surrounded the area and blessed it with exceptionally beautiful scenery.Those who could afford to live there had to be rich and famous, muses of business tycoons, or those whose reputations were synonymous with elegance and luxury.Iris bought two sets of high-end clothes for Leon at a nearby mall before returning to the villa with Leon.“I don’t think it’s prudent to be booking a hotel room for you to stay in. You can stay at my place for a couple of days and I’ll buy you a house tomorrow. You can move into your new home once the formalities are done.”Iris had a slight blush on her pretty face.As someone who always kept herself chaste, she never once allowed a member of the opposite gender into her residence before, much less invite them to stay overnight.Be that as it may, she made an exception to bring Leon home to thank him for his life-saving grace.Of course, the only reason she trusted Leon so much was that he saved her life the previous night. That integrity alone convinced her that Leon was not a bad person.“Thank you, but you don’t have to buy me a house…”Leon waved his hands.He then realized that his words could easily be misconstrued to imply that he wanted to stay at Iris’s house forever.“That’s not what I meant… What I mean to say was, I’ll be grateful enough if you find a place where I can rent. I’ll return the money you spent on my rent when I’ve earned some money…” Leon said with an awkward smile.Iris smiled in return and did not take his words to heart. She took out an ID card and returned it to him, saying, “Here’s your ID card. My men found it in the garbage dump, which got me thinking about why it was there

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