The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 11

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 11

the wound. He frowned in pain as a result and could not help but let out a groan.“What’s wrong? Does it hurt? Okay, we’re going to the hospital right now!”Iris stood up abruptly and had a nervous expression on her face.“It’s not that painful. The pain lasts for only a little while, and it disappears almost as quickly as it arrives. I don’t think there’s a need to go to the hospital.”The pain gradually lessened as Leon rubbed it back and forth a couple of times.He wanted to take off his clothes to check on his injury, but he felt embarrassed to do so in front of Iris.“Take off your clothes and show me how bad it is.”Iris was still worried.“But…”Leon was incredibly shy and it was a little awkward of him to be taking his clothes off in front of a girl.“Just hurry up and take them off!” Iris urged.She practically ignored the fact that Leon was a man—he was young and full of vigor too!Leon comforted himself by saying that there was nothing to be shy about if she did not mind!With that thought, he gritted his teeth and took off his shirt to reveal his slim and sturdy figure.Iris leaned forward to take a look and saw that the wound on Leon’s chest already formed a scar. Worse still, the scar was unsightly, like a five-centimeter-long centipede, and anyone who saw it would feel chills down their spine.“How can you say that it doesn’t hurt when the scar is this huge?!” Iris reached out instinctively and touched the scar on Leon’s chest. her nose then became sour, and tears began welling in her eyes.One could easily imagine how she felt after seeing the scar that remained of Leon’s heroics when saving her the last night.The next moment, however, a curious scene appeared.With Iris’s touch, the scars began to peel off bit by bit, revealing fresh baby-like pink skin underneath.Iris was dumbfounded. It would usually take at least a month or two for scars to fully form and disappear, yet that was exactly what happened even though it had only been less than a day since the wound was first inflicted. Amazingly, there were no traces of the scar on his new skin.It was simply unbelievable.Confused, Iris continued to rub on the scar, moving very gently until everything gradually fell off. Any traces of the scar that was once there was absent from the new skin underneath, and it was almost as if Leon was never injured at all.Iris’s mind went blank.Leon, on the other hand, blushed!Iris’s fair hands were

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