The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 12

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 12

so hurtful? Leon’s my friend. Nothing is going on between us!”Iris showed her displeasure.“Are you honestly telling us there’s nothing between you two when you touched him like that? Who are you fooling? Can’t you have a little dignity during the day, Iris? You might as well just get it on in the yard!” the gorgeous woman smiled sarcastically.“It’s none of your business! I can do whatever I want, and you have no right to order me around!”Iris glared at her, and the animosity between them was already starting to intensify.“Gilbert, look at her! She’s being cheeky, and rude!”The gorgeous woman shook the arm of the middle-aged man with a pretentiously pouty expression.“What’s gotten into you, Iris? Whether you like it or not, Daisy is still your mother. How can you talk to her with that kind of attitude!” Gilbert scolded.“She’s not my mother! My mother died twenty years ago! She’s just a little wench who slept her way to being your wife. What gives her the right to be my mother!” Iris sneered.“Did you hear that, Gilbert? She called me a wench!” the delicate Daisy said with a sob.“You’re being disrespectful! And rebellious!”Gilbert was furious and he raised his palm intending to slap Iris.“Go ahead! No one in the family cares about me since Mom died. Grandpa’s the only one who gives a damn! Why don’t you just kill me and be done with it!”Iris had a stubborn expression and refused to give in.“How dare you…”Gilbert trembled with anger. He focused all his attention on Daisy and her son over the years, and he retracted his hand when he thought of how he did not do enough for his daughter. “It’s about time that you consider marriage, Iris, and I have no objections if you have a boyfriend! However, given the background of our family, you should at least get a boyfriend that is worthy of your status!”Gilbert quelled his anger, pointed at Leon, and said contemptuously, “Take a good look at this man. His clothing is just about as tattered as a beggar’s! Is he the kind of man

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