The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 33

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 33

Lily trembled uncontrollably, for she knew that Joseph held a high position in the company. Even if she told the truth, the most Ariel could do to Joseph was reprimand him, and it was not like any severe action would be taken against him.

Things would only go south from then on because Joseph would almost certainly exercise his authority to fire her!

Lily began to hesitate when she thought about her sick mother on the hospital bed, her younger brother’s tuition fees, and the high hopes all her relatives placed on her.

“Go on. Tell me,” Ariel urged.

“I… Mister Conrad and I were just discussing work in the office. He didn’t do anything inappropriate…” It was challenging for Lily to say that. She lowered her head the entire time and did not dare to look at Leon.

Despite her eternal gratitude to Leon for saving her, the burden of being fired was too heavy a consequence for her to bear. There was nothing else she could do other than apologize to Leon in her heart.


Her statement was like a bolt from the blue for Leon and his smile instantly disappeared.

could never imagine that Lily would be the one to dismiss his kind gesture even though he risked it all

that, didn’t you, Miss Summers?

Joseph smiled smugly.

that you must comply with. It’s not a place where you can just do

well, yet it took him no time to rely on Iris’s backing to oppress

can’t just let this go on. If worse comes to worst and he gets fired, I’ll just take

not what happened, Miss Summers. Please let me expl-“Leon glanced

that day was a very vivid lesson that

words with a wave of her hand and did

that the truth has come to light, it’s

serious violation of the company’s rules and regulations, in addition to injuring several of our people. It’s

apologize to you and the matter will be put

apology? That’s not enough! He hit me and injured me! And you’re just

glanced intently at Joseph. “What do you


him fired and handed over to the

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