The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 34

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 34

“I’ve made it very clear that I won’t accept it! Are you deliberately trying to protect this kid, Miss Summers?” Joseph’s expression sank. He insisted on handing Leon over to the police because that was the only way he could douse the burning flames of anger in his heart!

Ariel was irritated by Joseph’s unrelenting insistence. Mister Conrad, I’ve repeatedly discussed this with you in an amicable manner and treated you with the utmost respect and dignity. Please don’t cross the line!”

“Leon is Iri- I mean, my friend! The point is, this matter is now behind us regardless of whether or not you agree!”

Ariel was a little annoyed, more so because it was that time of the month. As a result, she could care less about whether or not it would cause an uproar.

Sure enough, her remark carried a different meaning when everyone else heard it.


The onlookers began to gossip as soon as Ariel said that.

“I get it now!”


guess it’s no surprise then that this kid was brave enough to challenge Mister Conrad. Who would’ve thought that he was one of Miss Summers’s people!”

“Time to get the popcorn out!”

what they heard and started chatting with


became even more complicated

Ariel! I see that you’re trying to use

put me down! You might be the president’s assistant, but I’m not some pushover that you can just mess

Though his authority was indeed inferior to Ariel’s, his status was at least on

be afraid of Ariel, but not

Let this be my warning to you, Joseph: my patience

hide it! She’s the kind to know right from wrong, and she always draws a clear boundary when it comes to matters of personal and professional nature! This kid right here has seriously violated the company’s rules and regulations, and if you insist on

her! When she eventually decides that you are at fault, I guarantee that you’ll be the one to bear

Joseph sneered and laced his words with

her. But allow me to remind you that there’s nothing in it for you if this incident rattles

the president won’t be as fond of

acknowledged that he was no match for Ariel, he knew that he would not gain a

deal with a pesky colleague

birdbrain! Let’s go, Leon!” Ariel snorted coldly, turned around, and brought

her power to cover up for that, right? You’re all witnesses, so come with me to see the

to join him as he charged angrily into

behavior made her liable

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