“Oh, Mister Wolf, allow me to introduce my sister, Renee. Renee, this is-“

Before Hugo could complete his sentence, Leon cut him off. “The eldest daughter of the Morrisons. I see! What a pleasure. I’m the vice-president of Cynthion Group, Hugh Wolf,” Leon said and shot a knowing look at Hugo.

He came alone to the western region to make alchemical pills and prepare for setting up branches, but also because he wanted to try and search for the Southern Boss.

The Southern Boss was cunning by nature and if he found out Leon was here, he would be on high alert, making it hard for him to locate him.

In the worst-case scenario, he might even take the risk to return to the southern region to harm Iris and the others, in an attempt to blackmail him and the Thompsons into releasing Rodney.

Iris and the

Leon not to reveal his true identity

be Hugh Wolf, the vice-president of Cynthion Group, hoping that he would be able to find traces of the Southern Boss with this

was confused as to why Leon hid

Leon, he instantly realized Leon had his reasons for doing so, so he swallowed his questions and

So you’re not the chairman of Cynthion Group, Leon

of curiosity, but to her bewilderment, the man before her claimed to be the vice president,

she then thought that Leon

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