“How dare he? Leon made an appointment with my brother and he just bailed?

What does he take us for?” Renee snapped out of it and said angrily.

She was already running out of patience when she was waiting alongside Hugo.

To make matters worse, she waited for nothing.

Leon did not come and instead, sent a vice-president over, which felt like a direct insult to the Morrisons and her brother. Naturally, she was not going to show him any respect either.

“Miss Morrison, please calm down! Our chairman has something important to attend to, so he didn’t mean to be absent. Allow me to apologize in his place.”

Leon smiled, feeling slightly wronged.

him alone and all he needed to do was explain his stance to prevent Hugo from exposing his true identity. To his bewilderment, Hugo came

not tell Renee his true identity and instantly, he felt like he was

You’re just a vice president. Who

in his place?” Renee scoffed with a

eldest unwed daughter of the Morrisons, she was never disrespected, so even when Leon was sincere with his apology, she remained

of that, her curiosity toward Leon transformed into anger, so she decided to vent her frustration on the man

bad impression on both Leon

don’t be rude to Mister Wolf!” Sensing that her speech was getting out of

telling the truth! This Leon guy probably isn’t a good person. He’s way out

lady of a powerful family,

and since he was not Leon himself, she did not insult him further after a

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