With that, the assistant hung up the phone without waiting for Margot to respond.

Margot looked livid, holding her phone with her chest heaving.

“Did mom answer the call? What did she say?” Patrick asked, unable to help himself when seeing Margot’s expression.

Margot clenched her teeth in anger, her face ashen. “Mom must have given the company to Nikita. What right does she have? It should be mine. I can’t accept this. Why is mom so biased? I’m her flesh and blood. What kind of bond could she possibly have with Nikita? How could she give the company to her?” “Has she lost her mind?”

“She’ll regret this, she definitely will!” Looking at her near hysterical state, Patrick stayed silent for a moment before letting out a sigh. He stepped forward to support her, speaking gently, “Man, let’s just accept it. The company being given to Nikita… is better than it going to a stranger.’ “After all, Nikita… shares our blood. Let’s just… consider it as compensation” “Compensation?” Margot’s eyes widened in disbelief, “Compensation for what?

Do you know how much the company is worth? Do you know what it means for the company to be given to Nikita? Do you understand what we’re losing?”

it to Nikita, we can’t stop her. Nikita was abducted at the age of three and suffered a lot in the outside world. We were the ones who adopted Yvonne and abandoned her.” “Let’s consider this as compensation for her suffering and the lack of parental love. Besides,

Margot’s face changed

it well? You should focus on recovering, and I honestly don’t

Margot didn’t respond.

persuaded. He patted her shoulder and went to fetch the contract. After signing his name, he handed the

stood still for a long time. In the end, she took

believed that one day, Old Mrs. Garrett would regret the


Nikita had flown abroad, she had already arrived

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