The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 7: Women Are Frightening

"I heard from Mr Hudson of Darui Company that you drugged him yesterday and wanted to trade with him with your body?"Susie's voice was so loud that she could be heard even you standing outside the office. She immediately attracted countless attentions. People all looked at her.

Susie was intentional.

Olive raised her head and looked blankly at the woman in front of her.

She was beautiful. Her chestnut algae-like curly hair shawl. You could not find defects on her exquisite makeup. Expensive Chanel skirt wrapped in exquisite body. It looked like a woman out of a postcard, only that slightly grim expression destroyed the overall aesthetic feeling.

The wicked always complain first. oh, no, it was the wicked who complained to the wicked, and then the wicked planted stolen goods to frame her.

Olive smiled coldly at her then suddenly thought of the idiom, “Bad people always get together"Is there anything else? Does that mean I'm going to take indecent pictures and threaten Mr Hudson?

He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick.

"Olive Steele, I thought how noble you were, so shameless. This business, I have already settled with Mr Hudson. Letting you go, is to take care of you. Even if you want to swallow this single, you don't have to resort to such tricks. Now, stealing chicken failed but erode rice. The business has been ruined by you. Mr. Hudson is not willing to cooperate with our company anymore. Do you know how much you let the company lose? Tens of millions of businesses have been spoiled by your self-righteousness. Can you afford to pay for it? Susie said more and more vigorously with a sad look.

Olive looked at the red lips of the flames, fearing that she would not be able to breath.

Since Susie took the position of assistant general manager, Olive has been holding her back. Every time Olive would not bear it she had to think about every month's mortgage, her daughter's tuition, her mother's medication, her father's lame leg, and the rising prices all suppressed her to endure.

It was very difficult to find a job at that time. College students in the street were as many as the leaves fulling with a sweep not to mention that she was an unmarried woman with a child.

However, when Susie's delicate nail finger poked into her forehead,it seemed unintentionally and consciously pulled a scratch. The anger on her chest was intolerable. She grabbed the folder and raised her hand and patted Susie's hand.
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