The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 8: Lamentable Women

Although this practice was applauded, but resignation? Sabrina quickly pulled at Olive. "Olive, you're crazy. Don't be so impulsive. You're not really going to resign, are you?"

Isn't she lose a companion in this way?

Susie was shocked too, then her joy was hidden in her eyebrows, but she still said in her overbearing voice, "Olive, do you need to say it so loudly? It's as if I forced you to resign."

"Isn't that what you want?" Olive smiled coldly and she grabbed her bag and suddenly pressed her voice very low and closed to Susie's ear, she said mysteriously, "When I accompanied my mother to see a doctor a few days ago, I unfortunately saw Master Geve coming out of the hospital. I heard the doctor there say that Master Geve is sick, which is an unspeakable illness. You'd better check it too, so that you won't be in a mess."

Olive finally saw the panic and anger on Susie's face, her whole face was distorted with anger. The corners of her mouth shook for a long time, but she could not speak.

What was she showing off? If it were not for that she slapped the rich man's son named Geve and kicked him and sent him to hospital in pain, how could be her turn to be assistant of general manager?

It was just a position she earned in bed, how dare she show off? Many people talked about her in the back and waited to see her became a laughing stock, she still doesn't know how to converge and restrain yourself.

"I'll send you the resignation letter soon, but you can't expect how long you'll be sitting in your current position." Olive kindly reminded Susie and then she took her bag and strode away.

Men who used their lower body to think were quickly to like new things and hate old ones. At least, in the three years she worked in this company, the general manager's assistant has change several women for a year and a half, and none of them had a fresh period of more than three months.

She walked out of the office and the cold wind and rain hit her face.

Sabrina chased out with her umbrella, "Olive, don't be so impulsive. It happens that Mr.Geve is here today. You tell him all your grievances, you were promoted by him, I believe he will deal with it fairly."

Olive shook her head, "You forgot, Mr.Geve had been interested in handing over the company to his son. The rich man's son had an illicit passion to me. Susie hate my existence, for fear that I would take her place. Even if I had been treated fairly this time, I might not have such good luck next time. I'm leaving sooner or later, so I'd better go early to find next company."
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