Olive’s father stood up from the sofa and limped toward the kitchen. "Have you had dinner yet?" There’s the food for you.Let's leave you some food. I'll heat it up for you.

Olive looked at her father, who was not very leggy then her eyes darkened. If it hadn't been for her, how could his flying father have limped?

She didn't have any appetite, but she couldn't bear to brush her father's goodwill. "Thank you, Dad."

Her Father laughed, "You child, why you be so polite suddenly."

It's not polite but grateful.

A few days later, Olive received a call from Sandy, the secretary room of the president's office. She had just come out from an interview with a company.

Nowadays, the competition was really fierce. There were hundreds of applicants for a job, among which there were fall o master's or doctoral students. Her only advantage was that she had several years experience more than college graduates.

She thought the call should from the company that Susie to inform her to settle the salary financially, but did not think the secretary would say, "Manager Steele, your resignation letter has not been approved by the new president, he hopes to talk with you personally."

There's still more than a month's salary and several bills of lading remained there. That's her transitional food. That time, she had to go.

Just arrived at the company, Sabrina stepped on high-heeled shoes and rushed over. "Olive, I'm just glad to see you. I'm really afraid you won't come. Today, the new boss's first day at work, he did not approve of your resignation letter which made Susie the fox be so angry.

Olive wasn’t concerned about this, but looked at her ups and downs, printed winter skirt, curly hair slanting, inserting a beautiful hairpin, to show the charming charm of women.

Draw Sabrina aside and whisper, "Are you here to make a date? "

Sabrina gave her a look, and then she smacked her lips. "They have a fancy for the new president of Diamond King, but I have feeling with another man."

Olive found that today's female colleagues, indeed a little different. Their usually professional suits, all changed into long dresses with graceful demeanor, like walking into a hundred gardens.

"Mortal desires? , fairies. You are not ashamed." Olive joked. The man Sabrina liked would not be bad.

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