The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 19: Actually It Was Him

Olive followed her body curve to glance down, she got cold sweat her body suddenly.

Miniskirt, boot , open windbreaker.

It was a super-short skirt, it was almost unable to encase her round ass.She looked very beautiful,but also made people feel very cold.She was not afraid of being frozen in such weather.

Olive suddenly became interested, came out of the elevator and said with laughter, "Yes, maybe the new boss will like me charm,it is not sure that let me be a general manager.Since Assistant Maltz did not leave with Master Geve, you may be disappointed in the future."

Susie looked bad,she deliberately hit her and walked into the elevator, "Just you?"

Olive smiled and tilted her chin slightly, glared back without fear.

Then the elevator door closed.

Susie stamped her feet in the elevator,as soon as the new boss arrived, he went directly to the Ministry of Personnel to ask for Olive Steele's information. She handed over the resignation letter of Olive Steele, he gave her a sentence directly, "If she wants to resign, you ask her to talk with me directly."

According to a woman's instinct, it was a dangerous signal.

However, she couldn't guess, what was the ambiguous connection between a new boss and Olive Steele?

After the secretary Sandy communicated for her, Olive knocked on the door of the president's office.

"Come in."The low voice,it was seemed to have some inexplicable familiarity.

Olive took a deep breath and pushed the door in.

A big office, decoration was not extravagant. In fact, Mr.Geve was a very capable person, starting from scratch, fighting for the family business.Unfortunately, he had a black sheep.

Recently, there was a popular saying on the Internet that father was his son's passport and son was his father's epitaph. Between the first and second generations of the rich, it made sense to describe them.

In front of the french window, a tall man stood with putting his hands behind his back.

"Are you Manager Steele?"The man turned and looked at her coldly.

Olive just felt dizzy in the backlight, "You......"

It was him, Alan Hoyle.

Was he the new owner of the company? Was he here to talk about acquisitions when I saw him before?

The company was sold, why didn't the news come out before? And the company had always been running well, there is no possibility of selling.

"Does Miss Steele know me?"Alan seemed to ask casually.

Olive regained her mind,which had flown away.She thought of her father's legs, lively and cute Annie.She hesitated, she wasn't sure about something.She didn’t dare to gamble it, just shook her head,"I have read reports about Mr Hoyle in business magazines, so I'm a little impressed."

"Really?"Alan glanced at her coldly,which seemed to contain inquiry.

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