The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 24: You Are the Wisest (1)

It was undeniable that she really wanted to sound him out so that she could know whether he didn't agree her to resign because of his special feeling. Anyway, she still held a trace of expectation, but dare not express it abruptly.

Nowadays, he had a fiancee.

That woman was an aggressive character.

"Since Miss Steele can't successfully persuade me, I hope Miss Steele will stop resigning from now on. Although you are outstanding, Miss Steele must have accumulated some experience in job hunting these days. It is not easy to find a better job than that you own now, no matter in terms of the position or the salary." Alan looked at her with his meaningful eyes.

Olive was stunned. How did he know that it was not smooth for her to find a job? Did he interfere that?

She dared not think deeply, but she couldn't help being curious. "Originally, I have the chance to get the offer from two companies. Don't tell me that it was you who obstructed me and made me lose the chance."

Alan showed a rare smile, "Miss Steele thinks so highly of me. Luo city is not my territory."

It was true he had thought about that, but someone else had done that for him. Why didn't he gladly look on the results he wanted?

Olive looked at him quietly as if she was trying to tell whether his words were true or not. He called her "Miss Steele" all the time, which was polite and alienated. Perhaps, those so-called ambiguities, was only her own illusions, because she did not forget the beautiful memory related to them.

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