The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 24: You Are the Wisest (2)

"You go first and I'll come soon." Olive said putting a good face on.

Someone wanted her to make a fool of her, but she couldn't make herself embarrassed. She needed to be calm, calm and calm again.

Making herself calm down, Olive drank all the coffee remained last night. The cold feeling ran down her throat. She clenched her hands and then loosened them, picked up the minute book and went to the conference room.

Except for all members of the marketing department, the meeting room was full of employees who were respectively in charge of the purchasing, production, public relations, finance and even personnel departments.

Olive glanced at Alan at the head of the table who looked calm and made others stressed even if he said nothing. The conference room was so quiet that she even could hear the sound when a pin fell to the ground.

Everyone was sitting in earnest. Those women looked at Alan directly or secretly from time to time. The scene was extremely funny.

On his right hand, sitting was Alan's close assistant.

In Sabrina's words, this assistant was handsome and gentle, and looked much more friendly than Alan who always showed an indifferent face.

Olive didn't clearly point out that Sabrina had fell in love with this assistant.

Alan frowned when he saw her coming in without nothing in her hands, "Assistant Steele, how about the materials I have asked you to prepare for the meeting?"

Olive lowered her head and whispered, "I'm sorry, I haven't got them ready yet."

conference room became noisy. Some were taking pleasure in her misfortune, others were

Alan still looked calm without any emotional change. But suddenly his eyes glanced at the people at present and immediately the room was quiet.

is not ready, today's

stunned for a long time. She had prepared to withstand a storm, but why did he just let her go like this? Or was it just the eve of the storm?

people at present,

to get up, Olive regained her consciousness. She could not let others laugh at her. So she stood upright, said loudly with a smile, "If Mr. Hoyle doesn't

was one that she had from childhood, her extraordinary memory.

eyes lingered on her face for

head neutral pen, quickly drew a ten-year vine map on it, and marked the data. She explained slowly and clearly and analyzed the company's strengths

and sharp and her every action showed

a silence in the conference room, which also

and the other one resting on the arm of the chair to support his chin, Alan slightly raised his head and

always make him feel familiar?

eyes to feel, except for her voice and her auric field, he could find out that, when she was close to him, the delicate fragrance coming out from her body was also the same with the girl in his memory.

felt that there was something more or less. And there was nothing special about her reaction to

It confused him.

if she was the girl in the

he was afraid of

who pretended to be her. So he looked for her more cautiously. Even if she

it be you? Olive

and applause from the bottom.

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