Alan looked at her coldly, "assistant Steele, you can confidently and smoothly present the date about the ten years in the meeting, and even made the analysis to the point. Do you think I will believe that you didn’t complete the preparation of the meeting materials?"

Olive was starling, this man was quite wise. She felt his black eyes, as if with a sharp light and would penetrate her body. She had to smile, and wanted to told the boss that he was wise, but in the end she just installed into a lady.

"Tell me what happened."

Olive thought about it, since he has said it, so she confessed it honestly, "my computer was cleared, the printed materials were putted into the shredder, but I didn't know who did it."

The results of hard work in a night, just like the wasted water, although there was a suspect, but without evidence in hand, so she can’t say who is the suspect.

“You offended someone?” Alan asked.

"I've offended so many people."she smiled.

The culprit was so far away, and also so close to her eyes.Perhaps he wasn’t self-aware, so she didn’t mind to remind him .

"You don't look like a troublemaker." Alan determinedly.

"But sitting here is different, now I'm a thorn ."

Alan raised his eyebrow, "your meaning is blaming me?"

"No." Olive was humorlessly.

the year. Now he was her livelihood depends. For the sake of money, she had no reason to

waved his hand, "I will investigate this matter, you go out

Olive naturally thought it’s good, just suddenly felt dizzy at the moment of turning, almost standing unsteady.

she already dropped

of the men warmly came from her

because they were too close, she was afraid of her addiction, "thank you, I am fine."

They there have things that you have given, but she didn’t speak this words in the

"You don't look very well." Alan looked at her face and frowned slightly.

Olive lightly smiled, "May be because I worked all night yesterday."

to go to work afternoon,

such a boss, it’s too easy to talk , and she took

But she can't resist. "I don't want to see my employees faint at their posts because they're too

her head and slightly spit her tongue, she seemed to be said like this, and did him really heard it? He was so

drove away. And Alan immediately called Dave to come

and steady, neither humble nor overbearing.Every time on

"go to check who tampered Miss. Steele's computer. In addition, installing several monitors in this floor. Don’t let she know it.Naturally, it also includes others.

to miss Steele." The Dave tempted to say.

for a long

Dave saw him, he can’t know the boss’s mind for a

she is

affairs, mostly handled by Dave. The thing of the lady in his dream , except his own,

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