The Innocent Wife of Scheming President

Chapter 28: I Am Becoming More And More Interested in You,

"What's wrong with that?" Olive retorted.

"No, just, didn't you think about staying in Jiangcheng? There, after all, is a big international city with more opportunities and if you stay here, you will improve more.”

Olive smiled gently. "Big city means big competition and pressure. I'm not afraid to tell you this. I've been looking for a job there for half a year and got nothing, so I have to run back in disgrace."

Alan looked at her quietly, with black eyes, dark and unpredictable.

She was lying.

According to Dave's information to him, five years ago, because of her excellent performance and outstanding abilities, she had three opportunities. One was to become a graduate student directly, the other was the invitation of Wanda to her, and the last one was that her internship company Boya had given her the chance to become a regular worker.

Wanda and Boya were well-known in the field, but she gave up three opportunities inexplicably, leaving Jiangcheng. No one knew the reason.

Why did Oliver telling a lie? What were you hiding?

Alan's eyes grew deeper and more complicated.

Olive was thinking that although she had his daughter, he had a fiancee. The gap between them was very big.

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He gave her only one choice. Both of them would have one result.


Olive muttered in a low voice, "Even if I told you, you would find the way."

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